Super Shopper Trolley

CASLAD’s Super Shopper Trolley is designed with a double steel basket, a nesting function, plastic handles for better grip and an electroplated finish. Browse the range 👉

500KG Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker

With a load capacity of 500 KG’s, a lift height of 1300mm, and a lifting speed of 55mm/s; there won’t be any buyer’s remorse with the 500KG Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker. Discover it here 👉

Pallet Rollers

CASLAD’s Pallet Rollers are renowned for their quality and durability. Available in nylon or polyurethane, in rollers or wheels 👉

Drum Carrier 210L

Ideal for lifting and moving 210L drums with a load capacity of up to 300KGs. Simple, sturdy, and effective. Discover it here 👉

Nylon and polyurethane replacement steel scaffold castors

Maintaining your Steel Self-Lock Scaffolding Tower doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Nylon and polyurethane replacement steel scaffold castors, now available for individual purchase. Bag yours here 👉

1.5T Narrow High Lift Pallet Jack

Designed with a load capacity of 1500KG’s, a lift height of 800mm, and a fork length of 1150 mm; CASLAD’s 1.5T Narrow High Lift Pallet Jack offers greater reach and maneuverability than a traditional pallet jack. Browse it here 👉

2-Tier Stock Picking Trolley

Designed with a rubber non-slip deck, a tubular construction, and a load capacity of 200KG’s; CASLAD’s 2-Tier Stock Picking Trolley is ideal for stocking, picking and managing inventory. Discover it here 👉

Industrial Single Ladder

CASLAD’s Industrial Single Ladder features a safe working load of 115KG’s, a D-style rung, rubber non-slip feet and a ‘lean-to’ design; making it ideal for leaning against walls, scaffolding or other fixed structures. Available in 5 different sizes, explore the range online👉

270 series castors

The 270 series institutional castor range is perfect for a wide variety of medical equipment carts, bins & cases, retail fixtures, and warehouse equipment applications. Choose between 4 different sizes; discover the 270 Series Castors here👉