Gate Kits

CASLAD’s Gate Kits include 2x castors and 2x roller guides. Available with or without brackets and in various sizes. Browse the range👉

5 Ton Hand Pallet Jack

Designed with a load capacity of 5000KGs, an integrated pump, a lift height of 115 mm, and a fork length of 1220mm; CASLAD’s 5 Ton Hand Pallet Jack is ideal for transporting heavy loads in a warehouse environment. Explore it here👉

Parcel Trolley

CASLAD’s Parcel Trolley is designed with a load capacity of 300KGs, 4 x swivel rubber castors and an electro galvanised finish; making it ideal for stock picking and moving boxed products in an industrial setting. Available with or without a lid👉

Forklift Safety Cage

With a safe working load of 2 men and hand tools up to 250KGs; CASLAD’s Forklift Safety Cage allows safe and convenient access to elevated positions. Discover more online 👉

Step Extension ladder

With the flexibility to be used as an A-frame, double extension or single ladder, The Caslad Step Extension ladder is as popular as it is versatile. Designed with a safe working load of 115KGs, an extended wide base for stability, non-conductive properties, and a D-style rung; this one’s a step above the rest 👉

Platform Trolley with Folding Handle

CASLAD’s Platform Trolley with Folding Handle is designed with rubber no-mark wheels, rear swivels for movability, a rubber non-slip deck and a folding handle; for convenient storage. Choose from a load capacity of 150KGs or 250KGs👉

2T Manual Stacker

With an extra wide straddle design, CASLAD’s 2T Manual Stacker will lift a variety of pallet sizes from the ground up. Stacking pallets up to 1.6m in 20 seconds/M at a max capacity of 2000kgs 👉

Industrial Push-Up Extension Ladder

CASLAD’s Industrial Push-Up Extension Ladder is designed with a safe working load of 115KGs, rubber non-slip feet, aluminium locks and a D-style rung to eliminate twisting. Choose from 6 different lengths.