Freedom Day



Wishing you all a very happy Freedom Day! 🇿🇦

Stock Picking Trolley

Efficiently pick and organise your stock with CASLAD’s Stock Picking Step Trolley 🪜 Built with 3 tiers and 4 steps, this trolley will increase your reach while gliding between shelves. Complete with a galvanised finish for added durability in even the toughest warehouse environments 💪See it here




Unlock the potential of your equipment with our wide selection of quality #castors. From light to heavy-duty applications, our products are designed for optimal performance, durability & easy installation. Browse the range



Customer Review


Thank you Nizaar for taking the time to share your positive feedback! We’re happy to hear our Industrial Extension Ladder has is a step above the rest 😉



CASLAD Scaffolding

Get the job done efficiently and securely with our premium selection of aluminium and steel scaffolding equipment. Take your project to the next level with Caslad Scaffolding 






CASLAD’s Scissor Lift Table is equipped with a manual foot-operated lift, a load capacity of up to 350KG’s and a lifting height of 1300mm. Complete with lockable, heavy duty polyurethane castors, you’ll cut labour in half with the Scissor Lift 💪 See the specs



Optimising efficiency and space in the workplace 😎 Our stackable storage bins are available in seven colours and sizes to suit your business needs. Made from tough, impact and acid resistant materials for maximum durability 🙌 See the specs