5-Door Steel Locker

5-Door and Other Types of Steel Lockers for Sale: Choose One that Fits Your Needs

Whether it is a 5-door steel locker or a wire-mesh storage unit, it is essential to choose the right storage cabinet for your gym, school, office, or industrial plant. To help you understand why the number of compartments – such as 5-door or 3-door – make a difference, as well as several other factors such as the material, coating, and safety features, we’ll give you an explanation of the basic features of our lockers for sale. This will help you to select the best ones for your purpose from the many types that we offer.


Features and Types

5 door lockerLockers are storage cabinets, usually fitted with narrow compartments. A 5-door steel type has five compartments and doors. Each compartment has its own door. It is possible to get a single-door unit with five compartments as well. The units for sale are applicable for usage in transport hubs, changing rooms, workplaces, and sports facilities, to name only a few of the many places where the units are used. It is important to note that the construction, metals used, sizes, depth, and the number of compartments differ among the many types offered.

The conventional features of lockers include a narrow profile to take up less space, compartments for storage, and lockable doors. Units are made from durable materials such as sheet metal that is powder-coated. This is also true for the 5-door steel unit forming part of our range of steel lockers for sale. Most units come with lock systems for safe and secure storage of products. At the very least, the containers are equipped with padlock facilities. Locking ability is important when the units are purchased for use in public places such as resorts where users rent the containers for placement of their valuables or clothing while they swim.

Lockers can be made from plastic, wood, laminate material, or steel. Our lockers – including the 5-door uni – are made from durable steel. It is possible to place several such units side-by-side and even attach them to a wall or frame to minimise the risk of a unit being stolen or moved. In most instances, the lockers for sale come with some type of ventilation, most often in the form of horizontal slats at the bottom or the top of the compartments, although vertical-slat types are also for sale. Wire-mesh types don’t require additional ventilation.

The stiffeners on the inside of the door serve to make the unit more secure. With such in place, it is difficult to force the door open, thereby protecting against theft of items inside a compartment. The bank size refers to the number of compartments horizontally and vertically. A 5-door steel unit has five single compartments spaced vertically. However, a bank of eight can contain four levels of two compartments each. The bank size is calculated as the total of the compartments times the number of tiers. The tier is the level. A single-tier thus has one compartment per level. A two-tier has two compartments per level. Our 5-door steel unit is a single-tier, five compartments, and is a 5-door unit. Generally, the lockers for sale don’t have more than eight tiers.

The height of a unit is normally related to the number of tiers it must accommodate to ensure sufficient storage space. That said, a closet type for hanging work clothing can have a vertically large compartment with a horizontal rail and a smaller top or bottom shelf included for shoes.


Lock Options

The lock options and the number of locks per unit differ, depending on the types of lockers for sale. Both key lock and padlock systems are available. As far as key locks for sale are concerned, options range from incorporated lock systems to flush and cam locks. The lock systems incorporated in the handles are often referred to as latch-lock systems. Some of the modern steel lockers for sale today have electronic keypads that require passwords for opening.

The number of locks on the units also differ. Some have a lock point for each compartment door, and others only have a single lock point for the entire cabinet structure. In other types, the lock system locks the unit at the latch engagement point with the frame while others include a single lock for securing the top and bottom of the door. The top part of the unit is usually flat although some types have sloped tops to the front to prevent the storage of items on top of the units and to make cleaning of the top part easier. The depth, width, and height dimensions should be noted when looking at the various types of lockers for sale. The 5-door steel unit is 1800 mm x 300 mm x 450 mm. The thickness of the steel also ranges, with most types made from steel that is at least 0,8 mm in thickness. The higher-security and hazardous-material storage types often have steel of 1,2 mm in thickness. Colour options range from dark-grey to brown and beige. Many types now feature two-tone colours where the frame is in one colour and the doors in another.

Lockers are not all made from solid steel. Depending on the application, a unit can be made from wire-mesh or plastic.


How to Choose a Unit That Fits Your Purpose

Apart from the 5-door steel locker, we offer units for sale relevant to the storage of hazardous materials, documents and the likes. To ensure the units you choose are suited for your intended purpose, consider the factors below:


  • Strength Required

With units to be placed in an industrial area, you will want to look at lockers for sale that are made from durable powder-coated steel to ensure durability. The units must be able to withstand rough handling and debris. For hazardous materials, choose units such as cabinets made specifically to store the particular types of chemicals or flammable items.


  • Security and Protection Against Theft

If the units are located in schools or public spaces and used to store valuables, you will want to ensure theft resistance. To this end, look for lockers for sale that come with strong lock systems.


  • Ventilation

Not all items require ventilation, but to prevent gas build-up or mould formation, consider units such as the 5-door steel units available from us.


  • Size Requirements

First, measure the area where the units are to be installed. Determine how many units are required and how much space is needed in each unit. Once done, you can determine how many lockers of a specific size can fit in the space. We provide details regarding the size of each unit for sale, such as given for the 5-door type.


  • Pricing and Affordability

Don’t compromise on the quality for the sake of affordability. Durability and functionality are two important features before you consider the price. However, you will be glad to know that the prices on all our products are exceptionally competitive.


Final Thought

View our 5-door steel locker to get an idea of the dimensions and features of the unit or browse our entire range of storage units for sale. Get in touch for quotes and help in choosing units to meet your particular application needs.