Materials-Handling Questions Answered!

We Hold the Answers to All Your Materials-Handling Questions

When it comes to trolleys and ladders, CasLad is your one-stop supplier. We offer a wide variety of both to ensure that your business can function optimally with quality equipment. We also have a selection of castor wheels for our trolleys, so you can be assured that your business will have access to everything it needs to reach a new level of efficiency using quality materials-handling equipment. We use top-of-the-line materials to manufacture our trolleys and ladders. Their quality has been proven in the industry over decades of use.

Aluminium is a popular metal thanks to its malleable qualities and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, it is used to make vehicle and machine parts, as well as industrial equipment such as ladders. Unlike aluminium, fibreglass is non-conductive, which makes it a safer material to use around electricity, so electricians prefer fibreglass ladders that cannot deliver an electrical shock. Rubber and fibreglass are both excellent examples of such safe, non-conductive materials, so we use them in the manufacture of several of our ladders.


Non-Conductive LaddersOur selection of ladders includes a variety of frame configurations to suit your needs. The A-frame ladder is one of the most recognisable ones, offering two single frames that are attached at the top. This allows the ladder to stand on its own feet, eliminating the need for a supportive structure against which to prop it up. We also sell single-frame ladders and extension frames. We offer no fewer than nine ladder ranges, including single- and double-sided A-frames, single, and single extension ladders – and most of them are offered in both aluminium and fibreglass.

Our ladders and trolleys offer ideal solutions for both commercial and industrial businesses and our ladder frames are suitable for both industries as well. They feature rubber non-slip foot pegs to maintain a firm footing when propped up against a supporting structure or wall. Our extension frames feature rungs that prevent the frame from twisting while mounted. Whether you need a simple aluminium single frame or an industrial fibreglass extension frame, we can provide what your business needs.


Strong Trolley for saleIndustrial trolleys are also available in a wide selection of designs for specific applications. We start with the Folding Nose trolley, a tall lift trolley that is ideal for moving heavy appliances. This range features tubular construction, which makes the trolleys strong enough to carry up to 180 kg. They also have excellent stability during heavy lifts. If there is a staircase in the way, these trolleys also offer a stairclimbing wheel conversion to assist in pulling the trolley up a flight of stairs. Therefore, they are a versatile option for your business.

We also offer a selection of platform trolleys to choose from. Platform trolleys with low loading platforms are effective to maintain a low centre of gravity when moving a load. This ensures stability and makes it easier for the operator to handle as well. Dolly trolleys are perfect for this type of application as well. We also offer a pallet jack that can lift and transport pallets. This piece of industrial lifting equipment can utilise its lift forks to effectively lift heavy pallets from the floor and move them safely to a different storage place. So, whether your business needs trolleys or ladders, we can supply a wide selection of both to meet your demands.

CasLad offers a large collection of commercial and industrial equipment for your business. Anything from rubber castors and tubular trolleys to fibreglass and aluminium ladders can be acquired from us. For more information on our products, please browse our website for details. Choose us as your supplier of industrial and commercial equipment today, and get quality ladders and trolleys for your business.