Aluminium Extension Ladders for Sale

We Offer Aluminium Extension Ladders for Sale

People use ladders to reach areas that would normally be inaccessible. Whether it is up in the air or down below, they are useful tools to give us access to some of those hard-to-reach areas. They are available in different frame designs as well; the single-frame is the most basic configuration, made up of two vertical sections and several horizontal ones that serve as the rungs with which to mount the frame. Extension frames are an elaboration on the single-frame design by adding another single frame (or several more) that can be extended to increase its reach. CasLad offers both aluminium and fibreglass frames for sale.

Aluminium Extension Ladders for SaleAluminium is a strong and light metal that is used for a plethora of applications in manufacturing and fabrication of everything from high-performance parts to heavy-duty equipment. Anything from handheld smart devices to high-performance vehicles benefit from aluminium’s lightness and durability. We offer two ranges of extension ladders that are made of this versatile metal. These frames are for sale at reasonable prices to ensure that you will be able to find the equipment your business or household needs.


Our Selection

We use two materials to manufacture the selection of ladder ranges we offer for sale of which aluminium is, of course, the one. It is malleable and can be fabricated into almost any shape, making these frames durable and impressively stable when mounted. The second material is fibreglass which, unlike metal, does not conduct electricity. These frames are ideal for working with high voltage and currents at height, as electricians do. Our CE range offers a commercial-duty extension frame that is easy to handle and compact to transport.

Aluminium extension ladders are already very sturdy but can be further strengthened for heavy-duty use with various additions to the frame. So, for stability, this range has a D-style rung to keep the frame from twisting when mounted. We have also added rubber non-slip pads to the foot pegs to prevent them from slipping easily. These frames have a safe load capacity of up to 115 kg and we offer seven sizes for sale in this range, giving you the variety to select the perfect frame for your needs.

For a more heavy-duty approach, we offer the HDE range for sale to those who require an industrial-duty frame. These aluminium heavy-duty extension ladders feature double and triple frames to give them an even better reach. A rope-and-pulley system is added to the frames to increase their reach. Box rungs keep the frame straight and rubber foot pegs keep it in place when mounted. The load capacity on these frames is a full 135 kg, allowing you to take tools up the ladder when working on it. You can benefit from a frame that is particularly compact and easy to transport, yet that can extend to the length you need.

CasLad is your supplier of castor wheels and ladders for commercial and industrial applications. Our range of aluminium extension frames is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the selection of products we offer for sale. For more information, please browse our website for images and specifications on our available frames.