Find Fibreglass & Aluminium Extension Ladders at CasLad

Even though there are new ladders on the market with hinges and folding sections that allow a multitude of configurations, extension ladders remain popular and sought-after items in many industries. Extension ladders are reliable and safe, and offer the type of versatility required on many work sites. It comes as no surprise that the extension ladder can outperform other ladder configuration. When shopping around, you will find that extension ladders are typically manufactured from wood, fibreglass, or aluminium. While wooden ladders have their merit, and were the choice of years gone by, it is aluminium and fibreglass ladders that have stolen the limelight.

Fibreglass ladders don’t conduct electricity, which means that they’re ideal for use in an environment where electrical cables and wiring is being worked with. They are therefore a popular choice for electricians. One of the most popular choices for extension ladders, however, is the aluminium variety. This type of ladder is lightweight and comes with rubber tips to ensure no marking on the wall it leans against, and also to ensure no slipping of the ladder.

You will find that there are various grades of extension ladders on the market. The light-duty ladder, which is also called “type III”, is most suitable for household use. The medium-duty ladder, or “type II”, is best suited to commercial environments. The heavy-duty extension ladder is called “type I” and is the best ladder to use in an industrial environment. Lastly, the extra-heavy-duty extension ladder is designed to work in unforgiving environments and built to carry the extra load.

Regardless of what you intend to use the ladder for, it is essential that you investigate the unit’s specifications and load-bearing capacity. Overloading the ladder can result in serious injury, and also damage to property and, of course, the ladder itself. Also, if you are purchasing extension ladders for your workforce to use, safety should be on the forefront of your mind. Occupational health and safety guidelines require employers to provide safe equipment to staff members, and also train them in their safe use. This safeguards both parties in the event of an accident.

While there are many tips and bits of advice for using an extension ladder safely, many people make the same simple mistakes. One mistake that often causes accidents and injuries is not knowing what angle to lean the ladder at. Placing the base of the ladder too close to the structure you are working on will almost certainly cause the ladder to slide or fall over when climbed. Always lean the ladder at a safe angle, which is about a quarter of the ladder’s length in distance of the structure. It’s also a common mistake to think that the base of the ladder needs no support. The base of the ladder needs to be placed on a flat, even surface, and if possible, a second worker can provide additional support by holding the ladder base. If your team is working at extreme heights, it’s also a good idea to ensure that the top of the ladder is firmly secured.

At CasLad, we stock a wide range of extension ladders designed to suit the needs of various industries. In our catalogue, you will find the following extension ladders to choose from:

  • CE Range: aluminium commercial extension ladders.
  • HDE Range: aluminium heavy-duty extension ladders.
  • LFG-PU Range: fibreglass commercial-duty extension ladders.
  • FG Range: fibreglass heavy-duty extension ladders.

At CasLad, we ensure that all of our extension ladders are meticulously tested for quality and durability. We always advise our customers to regularly check and maintain their ladders after purchase, to ensure safety and long-term service. We also strongly recommend that ladders are used in the workplace under the supervision of a project manager, and that sufficient time and attention is given to ensuring that the correct ladder is purchased for the application or task at hand.

We warmly welcome all of our existing and potential customers to chat to us about their needs. We are confident that our extension ladders will not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them. For more information and advice on our ladders, browse through our online catalogue, or feel free to give us a call or send us an email.