Why Aluminium Ladders are an Excellent Choice in the Home, Commercial, and Industrial Environments

It’s interesting to note that aluminium is one of the most common chemical elements on earth. In fact, it’s only third to oxygen and silicon. After steel, it is actually the most used metal, and that it in itself is very telling about the material, and just how beneficial and versatile it is. The material is used to manufacture various tools and equipment. This is because the various standard processing methods can be applied to the material (such as forming and welding), which means that it’s easier to work with than other types of metals.

If you want to take your business to the next level in terms of safety in the workplace, it is important to ensure that you invest in quality tools and equipment. And that means ladders too. Aluminium ladders have been a popular choice on the market for many years, and it’s not just a fad. Aluminium, as a material, is quite exceptional, and has proven to be the ideal product from which to manufacture durable, safe, and affordable ladders.

One of the distinct advantages of aluminium ladders is that they are highly resistant to climate and weather conditions. Your aluminium ladder can be exposed to water and damp environments, and you can have complete peace of mind that it won’t rust. This is because the material is a non-ferrous metal. Essentially, when exposed to damp and water, aluminium oxide forms on the outer surface of the material, which in fact, provides extra protection against corrosion. It’s not just corrosion that these ladders are resistant to. They are also flame resistant, which is why they are the ladder of choice in the firefighting and emergency departments.

If you plan to use your ladders outdoors, you can expect the aluminium range to be resistant to UV rays. For those environments where hygiene is of the essence (hospitals, food processing plants, and similar), you will find that the material is quite hygienic. It is odourless and can be cleaned with relative ease.

When it comes to weight and portability, aluminium ladders outshine other types. The material is lightweight, which means that the unit can be carried from one workspace to another, without exhausting your workforce. If you are specifically looking for a lightweight ladder, you might also consider fiberglass ladders, as they are quite light. Unfortunately, these can crack over time and lose their integrity as a result. An aluminium ladder will not weaken or crack, even with long-term use. Many people have the misconception that because the material is lightweight, it is weak. This is simply not true. Aluminium is extremely stable with a density of approximately 2,6 to 2,8 g/cm³. It is called a light metal because it is a one-third of the density of steel. As the material is a good conductor of electricity, it is not recommended for the use in environments where electricity is worked with.

These ladders also tend to be cost effective to invest in. This by no means indicates that the material used during construction is of a poor or “cheap” quality. It simply means that the manufacturing process is simpler and easier, which brings down the cost of the end product quite noticeably. When you consider that these ladders last longer and cost you less, they’re most certainly attractive (and worthy) investments.

For companies looking to invest in greener products on the market, aluminium ladders are the perfect item. The product is 100% recyclable, as the material used is quite easily melted down and re-used.

At CasLad, our range features a variety of aluminium ladders that could be simply ideal for your work environment and applications. Our range includes A-frame ladders, industrial double-sided ladders, commercial extension ladders, industrial single ladders, heavy-duty extension ladders, and commercial multiform ladders.

If you would like to learn more about our range of ladders for home, industrial, and commercial use, we welcome you to get in touch with us at CasLad. All you need to do is send us an email or give us a call. One of our friendly consultants will assist you with choosing just the right ladder for you.