Aluminium Ladders

Why are Aluminium Ladders Better Than Old, Traditional Types of Ladder?

The significance of the ladder simply cannot be overstated. It is an item of equipment that is used in many industries including the construction, distribution, maintenance, and material handling industries. If your business or facility makes use of ladders on a regular basis, you will know just how difficult certain tasks and functions would be without them. In the past, heavy wooden ladders were the norm, but in this day and age, those are simply counterproductive and cumbersome. If you are still dealing with old heavy ladders, perhaps it has become time to consider investing in the future of your business and easing the load for your staff members by buying aluminium ladders instead. Yes, aluminium ladders are lightweight, but that is not the only reason why these ladders are a sound business investment.Aluminium ladders are certainly the durable option when compared to other types of ladders typically available on the market. First and foremost, wooden ladders and ladders made from fibreglass are more likely to split and splinter, and if exposed to fire, they will readily burn and even melt. An aluminium ladder does not suffer from any of the typical wood and fibreglass disadvantages. It offers far better resistance to fire and heat and because of the aluminium material characteristics itself, there is never a fear of the unit splitting or cracking unexpectedly. On the subject of chemicals, the relatively inert nature of aluminium means that there is unlikely to ever be any severe reaction to the types of chemicals a ladder would typically be exposed to. In fact, it will not even tarnish or show up a stain easily.

Aluminium as a material is rust and corrosion resistant, which, come to think of it, is ideal for the production of ladders. Your ladder will at some time or another be exposed to the elements or might have to be stored outside and you won’t need to worry about it rusting or losing its integrity. How convenient for the business with limited storage space! Once you have invested in a Caslad aluminium ladder, you will find that there is very little required in terms of maintenance.

It is the general consensus that aluminium ladders of a good quality tend to carry hefty price tags, but this is certainly not the case with our range of aluminium ladders. Our ladders offer exceptional value for money and are available at highly competitive price. The quality of our ladders can also be seen in how they are designed and constructed. Each of our units offers a good load-bearing capacity. The quality of workmanship of each ladder in our catalogue is obvious when you examine it and we are proud to associate our name and brand with these ladders, as we are confident that they won’t let you down, regardless of industry in which you are active.

Our ladders are designed and manufactured with the objective of meeting the demand for durable ladders in the industry. Our range is extensive and ranges in purpose from home maintenance to heavy industrial use. We stock double-sided, multiform, extension, and heavy-duty ladders for you to choose from, depending on their intended use. We can also include a few extra features and accessories to make your ladder better suited to your industry and needs. These include rubber non-slip strips for the feet and a few other options to make the job more convenient and safer. Simply chat to our consultants about your unique requirements and we will see how we can best assist you.

Aluminium ladders are not all that we sell; we also stock various other items such as trolleys, wheels, castors, scaffolding, conveyors, lockers, cabinets, lifting and handling equipment, racks, shelves, and more. So, Caslad is not just about ladders. We like to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for their material handling needs.
Before deciding which aluminium ladder is right for your business, make sure that you know what your needs and requirements are. Pay close attention to the ladder’s specifications and load-bearing capacity before making any final decisions and if you are not sure what is right for you, take a few moments to consult with our friendly and knowledgeable consultants. For more information and advice on our extensive range of aluminium ladders, we welcome you to browse through our catalogue and chat to our professionals. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to assisting you further with finding the right ladder for you.