Aluminium Ladders

Don’t Fall for Inferior-Quality Ladders! 

When shopping around for a range of ladders that can cater to household, industrial, commercial, and heavy-duty use, aluminium ladders are the best choice. When selecting between the various ladder options on the market, you will find that aluminium options prove to be strong and corrosion resistant, while being conveniently lightweight too. And these are just a few of the selling features. It’s a fact that aluminium ladders are often cheaper than other types of ladders, as the manufacturing process is less complex and involved, than when working with other materials.

There’s more to consider when trying to select between the various types of aluminium ladders too. Load-bearing capacity is a major consideration, as this will determine if the unit can in fact handle the loads intended for it. Each ladder on the market is advertised with a specific loading capacity. We suggest the following:


  • 135 kg max load-bearing capacity – these ladders are ideal for extra heavy-duty work, and are usually used in industrial, roof building, and construction settings.
  • 115 kg max load-bearing capacity – these ladders are ideal for general heavy-duty work, and are usually used in maintenance, building, and general work environments.
  • 100 kg max load-bearing capacity – these medium-duty ladders are often used for painting, cleaning, and various commercial tasks.
  • 90 kg max load-bearing capacity – these ladders are considered light duty, and are only suitable for household use, or painting and similar tasks.


Whether you are shopping for a step ladder or extension ladder, you will need to consider the load-bearing capacity suggestions above.

It’s important to consider the key features and characteristics of aluminium ladders before you decide if they’re the right choice for you. We’ve already mentioned that aluminium is corrosion resistant. This doesn’t just mean that you can expect to use your ladder long term, without having to worry about rust. It means that you can store your ladder outside, exposed to the elements, and not have to worry. This is ideal if you’re dealing with limited storage space, or make use of your ladder on a daily basis, and don’t want to have to haul it out from storage each day.

Unlike timber and fibre glass ladders, aluminium ladders won’t split over time. They also won’t burn, which is why ladders made from aluminium are used in the firefighting industry. The durability and high load-bearing capacity of these ladders also ensue that they don’t crack or warp when placed under stress. If you’re starting to get the impression that these ladders are maintenance free, you would be absolutely correct!

In the ladder manufacturing industry, aluminium is considered easy to machine, which means that you are assured of an exceptionally high-quality product with an affordable price tag. This material can be machined, milled, turned, and bored. When it comes to the joining techniques used, these can include, riveting, welding, screwing, soldering, and brazing.


Precautions When Using Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium ladders are excellent conductors of electricity and heat, so it’s best to be careful when using one. If the ladder is stored outside, it can be hot to the touch when left in the sun, and if you are working with electricity, it’s best to opt for a ladder that’s specifically designed for electrical work, as you could get electrocuted.

At CasLad, we stock a range of aluminium ladders designed to stand the test of time, and suit the needs of a variety of industries and environments. For a quote or to learn more about our range, simply contact us via email or telephone at CasLad today.