Aluminium Ladders – Why They’re a Great Investment for Your Business!

The average ladder is responsible for a lot. Actually, it is responsible for far more than you can probably imagine. How many lives would be lost or people injured if ladder safety was not of importance? When considering ladders, think about the fact that they are major role players in a variety of industries, including materials handling, construction, maintenance, and industrial markets.

If you really think about it, without a ladder, a number of tasks would actually be impossible. In the past, heavy timber ladders were the norm, but that’s not the case anymore. There has been a demand for lightweight, versatile ladders that are durable too, which is exactly what brought aluminium ladders to the fore. By switching to aluminium ladders, you can in fact benefit in a number of ways.


CasLad Satisfies the Demand for Top-Quality Aluminium Ladders in South Africa

While there are probably many inferior-quality ladders on the market, we would like to focus on those units that offer value for money. You will find these types of ladders at CasLad! At CasLad, we don’t just present affordable aluminium ladders to the market. We actually put time and effort into ensuring that our ladders are of industrial grade durability. We ensure that our ladders can carry the load, and that you can rely on the unit to keep you and your staff members safe while working at height. Our range is quite extensive in that it features heavy-duty ladders, extension ladders, double-sided ladders, multiform ladders, and more. All of our aluminium ladders are also fitted with slip-prevention rubber strips, and a variety of other safety features and elements that make the ladder comfortable, sturdy, and safe at all times.

While we are busy satisfying the demand for top-quality aluminium ladders in South Africa, we also stock and sell a wide variety of other products. These include the likes of trolleys, storage equipment, conveyors, lockers and cabinets, castors, castor wheels, racking and shelving, and a range of lifting and handling equipment too.


The Benefits of Aluminium Ladders

One of the greatest benefits of aluminium ladders is that they are made from aluminium. That might go without saying, but it’s important to realise that aluminium is a material with a variety of admirable qualities. Aluminium ladders offer the benefit of a rustproof ladder, thanks to their quick oxidising properties. Aluminium ladders therefore require little to no ongoing maintenance. That’s a welcomed cost saving and relief to many.

What this essentially means is that you won’t have to worry if you can only store the ladder outside, as it will handle the weather conditions with no problem. The ladder will also not burn or split, like fibreglass and wooden ladders do with time, and when placed under stress or in the direct line of the elements! An aluminium ladder is strong and durable, which means that it’s built to carry the load. Aluminium ladders are also able to withstand chemical exposure. One question you might be wondering about is whether or not aluminium ladders are expensive, but you can expect to be pleasantly surprised. Even with all of these benefits, you can rest assured that CasLad stocks a range of highly affordable aluminium ladders.


Where to Order Quality Aluminium Ladders at an Affordable Price

While we have touched on the fact that aluminium ladders are affordable, it’s important to understand that buying aluminium ladders isn’t necessarily cheap everywhere. That being said, at CasLad we are dedicated to keeping our rates as competitive as possible for our clients. We also make ourselves available to impart with product-related information and advice that can help our customers to make the right decision when it comes to choosing between the various aluminium ladders that we stock. It’s all about providing an unbiased opinion at CasLad, as we want to ensure your safety and convenience, not just make a profit.

For more information and advice on our extensive range of top-quality aluminium ladders, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone. One of our friendly consultants will ensure that you are able to make an educated decision regarding the ladder that you want to buy.