The Advantages of Aluminium Ladders

The ladder is an item that should be considered one of the major inventions of humankind. Imagine how difficult life would be without them! The ladder is used in so many industries, including the construction, material handling, maintenance, and distribution industries, as well as for household DIY tasks. Actually, they are used in so many industries that it’s hard to name them all. If you ever have to carry out tasks at heights and you don’t have a ladder, you will realise just how important the ladder is.

Traditional ladders were heavy, wooden items that would require regular maintenance. They needed to be stored indoors, away from the elements. Unfortunately, these ladders have gone out of style, not that style is an important factor when choosing a ladder. It was mainly their weight and easy wear and tear that set them back, and placed the likes of aluminium ladders ahead of them. If you haven’t yet made the change to aluminium ladders, now is probably the time to consider it. Waste no more days trying to work with inferior-quality, cumbersome ladders.


Aluminium Ladders Are Lightweight & Require Minimal Maintenance

Aluminium ladders are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and carry around. It also makes them easy to use on site, as they can easily be re-positioned. Your workforce will certainly appreciate it, especially if they are faced with long days of manual labour. Ladders made from good-quality aluminium are considered durable, as they won’t easily split and peel, and can withstand extended exposure to the elements, unlike wooden and fibreglass ladders. This, of course, means that you can store your ladder outside, without feeling guilty about it, or worrying about serious damage, including rust. Aluminium is highly resistant to chemical exposure, which means that spillage won’t result in damage to the unit. There’s also the fact that aluminium requires little to no maintenance, which is ideal for the busy business or team.


Aluminium Ladders Can Carry the Load

The load-bearing capacity of the aluminium ladder is surprisingly high. While you will always have to check the load-bearing limitation of a ladder before you use if for a specific task, you can expect aluminium ladders to truly carry the load without warping, cracking, or even toppling over. Of course, all this depends on the ladder being used correctly and the suggested load-bearing capacity being respected.


Affordability is Guaranteed

With all the benefits of aluminium, you might think that a ladder made from it will be outrageously expensive, but it isn’t! When you buy an aluminium ladder from CasLad, you are assured of a competitive price and value for money. Our low prices certainly don’t indicate poor quality or a compromised product. You can see the quality of our ladders by taking a closer look at their design and finishes. Safety non-slip strips, non-slip feet, and carefully secured steps – all of these are only the start of the safety features included in a ladder. We can safely say that everything is completed to perfection and our ladders are able to meet safety standards, which is important for health and safety compliance.

There is certainly a high demand for quality ladders in many industries, and it is with this in mind that we have taken the time to design and manufacture high-quality ladders that very rarely (if ever) disappoint. In fact, CasLad aluminium ladders are one of SA’s go-to ladder ranges in both the industrial and commercial industries. Can you really afford to be using poor-quality, outdated ladders?


There is More than Just Ladders for Sale at CasLad

At CasLad it is not all about ladders. We also stock a wide variety of other items, including castors, wheels, conveyors, lockers, cabinets, scaffolding, trolleys, and much more. It’s important to browse through our catalogue to understand just how extensive and comprehensive our range is.

If you would like to learn more about our aluminium ladders or would like to know where you can buy yours, take the time to contact us via email or telephone at CasLad today. One of our friendly consultants will assist you further and ensure that you end up with just the right aluminium ladder for your needs and your budget.