Aluminium Ladders For Sale

Wide Range of Aluminium Ladders for Sale: Tips for Safe Usage

Using any type of stepping equipment can be dangerous, but sometimes we forget the reason why. With proper safety measures and precautions, you can use the aluminium ladders for sale through us without the fear of injury.

mobile ladderBuying from a trusted supplier that specialises in the sale of industrial equipment helps to reduce the risks of injuries due to equipment failure tremendously. As such, avoid suppliers that offer aluminium ladders for sale at extremely low prices. Quality costs more but considering that the equipment must be used in harsh work environments, you want products that are durable.

Our range of aluminium ladders for sale is competitively priced. However, we never compromise on quality and every product in our collection is rated for a specific use. You can thus expect durable equipment, made for commercial and industrial work environments.

Below are a few tips for safe usage of the aluminium ladders to help you maximise productivity without risking safety.


Before You Start the Climb

There are many factors to consider before getting onto a ladder. Take, for example, our LAS range that includes a selection of A-frame aluminium ladders for sale. Many veteran and beginner users don’t realise that the top of the structure is not meant for standing. The bend on top is simply to make the item more portable and to ensure more stability when in operation. The A-frame makes it possible to use the equipment without having to lean it against a structure. It makes it easier to access high places that are in the middle of a room. It also makes the painting more convenient because it doesn’t take up any space in the area where you need to paint.


Here Are Some Things to Do Before Using One of the Aluminium Ladders:

  • Choose a ladder that is appropriate for the specific task.
  • Only purchase quality products from a supplier you can trust.
  • Always inspect the item to see that it is dry and is free from fractures or major damage.
  • Place it on a flat surface.
  • Test the stability before you get on it.


Follow the Correct Method for Climbing

People often make the mistake of believing that it is fine to fall as long as it is not from a considerable height. However, serious damage can be done by a fall incident from a 240-cm-high ladder, such as one of our combination units on its lowest setting. It all depends on the way you land and on which type of surface. Thus, another good tip is to clean the area around the ladder before using it.

By always following the three points of contact method, you can keep better balance and won’t risk an accident due to not having sufficient grip on the ladder. You should also never try to reach far out the sides, as it may cause the ladder to topple. Keep your body centre between the two sides of the frame to remain stable. Wear slip-resistant footwear and a decent construction safety hat. Make use of tool belts and other gear to assist you with the carrying of items. This helps to free up your hands, which should be used for gripping onto the frame and steps. Be safe during work by following correct operating procedures.


In Conclusion – How to Get More Information On Our Range of Aluminium Ladders for Sale

With a variety of aluminium ladders for sale in lengths from less than a metre to more than 20 metres in height, you are sure to find the correct type for your operational needs in our range of ladders for sale. View our product range and get in touch for help in choosing products to meet your work and safety requirements.