Aluminium Ladders

The Benefits of Aluminium Ladders

Ladders play an important role in the materials handling, construction, maintenance and various industrial markets. Without them, many tasks would prove difficult or even impossible. Gone are the days where you had to lug around heavy wooden ladders to get up to high or awkward places. Handling a heavy timber ladder is undoubtedly a arduous task and is a problem that can be solved by simply switching to aluminium ladders. Of course, the light weight of the aluminium material is not the only positive attribute of aluminium ladders. If you are considering these aluminium ladders, we think that you have made the right choice, and we will gladly give you several reasons why!  

In order to make the best choice for your needs, it is important to understand why aluminium is such a ideal material to use when manufacturing ladders. First and foremost, you are guaranteed to enjoy a ladder that is rustproof, because aluminium’s surfaces oxidises so quickly that it is instantly sealed and protected from the environment by this oxidation layer. Perhaps paradoxically, it means that aluminium does not rust because it rusts so quickly! Aluminium ladders therefore require very little maintenance. You can even keep it stored outdoors without having to worry about how it will cope in potentially rainy conditions. This is most convenient for those who have limited interior or covered storage space.

Unlike wooden and glass-fibre ladders, your new aluminium ladder will not be prone to splitting and aluminium does not burn. You might have noticed that firefighters use aluminium ladders for this very reason. They can handle fairly heavy loads with ease, which makes them a good option for almost any industry. Aluminium is durable and versatile. Aluminium is mostly inert, so aluminium ladders will not react to most chemicals, they will not easily stain certainly will not tarnish. With all these positive attributes, you might expect aluminium ladders to be quite expensive, but at Caslad, you will find that they are quite affordable.

When shopping around for aluminium ladders, look at how the ladder is joined together, as this will affect the overall weight-bearing capacity and the durability of the ladder. Some of the joining techniques often used when manufacturing an aluminium ladder include welding, riveting, soldering, bonding, bolting, screwing and brazing. Check the joins for quality of workmanship before you make your purchasing decision.

We have noticed the demand for top-quality aluminium ladders, so we stock a wide range that is ideal for industrial and DIY use. Heavy-duty, double-sided, multiform and extension ladders are ideal for use in various industrial environments. If you are not sure which ladder is best suited to your needs and the weight-bearing capacity that you require, simply consult with one of our experts who will assist you with choosing a unit that caters to your specific needs.

You will find that our ladders are designed and constructed with strength and longevity in mind. For your safety, rubber strips can be included on the steps in order to prevent slipping. Various other design elements are also available to ensure that your ladder is comfortable and safe to use at all times.

In addition to our aluminium ladder range, we welcome you to learn more about our additional products which include the likes of castors, trolleys, wheels, scaffolding, storage equipment, conveyors, lockers, cabinets, lifting and handling equipment, racking and shelving, and access equipment. For more information on our range of aluminium ladders and to get a quotation, simply contact us at Caslad. We can be reached via email and telephone and will attend to your needs promptly.