Aluminium Ladderstage

What You Need to Know About Aluminium Ladderstages

An aluminium ladderstage is a ladder frame that features a flat area on which to comfortably stand and work on. Folding ladders are constantly used to create similar flat-faced areas. These areas are commonly used to rest wooden planks on. The wooden planks create a flat and stable surface to stand on when working at height. This process is effective to an extent. Folding ladders usually have stability and load-bearing functions. Sadly, they are not meant to have optimal levels of stability and load bearing when used as stages or platforms.

A ladderstage, on the other hand, delivers stable platforms on which you can work at height. These frames are designed to handle horizontal load bearing. Regular ladders are more focussed around vertical functions due to their length and frame limitations. Therefore, these ladders can collapse when the frame is horizontally loaded, instead of the optimal vertical load. Using an aluminium ladderstage is thus a better option. CasLad manufactures a plethora of aluminium and fibreglass ladders for commercial and industrial applications. We also have a range of mobile ladders to choose from. This is where our aluminium ladderstage can deliver usable solutions for your business.


Mobility, Strength, and Versatility

In many cases, working at height will require a standardised ladder to reach the working area. This can be painting the outside of a house, or gaining access to the roof. Regarding industrial sectors, such as construction, ladders are commonly used throughout projects. In both these instances, ladderstages are workable solutions that allow more than one person the accessible space to work at height. This can speed up the process of hanging ceilings, painting roofs, and similar tasks.

At CasLad, we use aluminium to fabricate some of our ladder ranges. Aluminium is a tried and tested metal that delivers versatility and durability, without adding weight to the compound itself. With lightweight durability on its side, aluminium makes a great choice for any type of fabrication. This metal is also used to create hybrid compounds, and can be combined with other non-metallic materials for unique functionality. Regarding ladderstages, aluminium is robust and durable. It is an ideal material to use for manufacturing these ladderstages.

CasLad’s aluminium ladderstage delivers a mobile access platform to use for working at height. In certain situations, regular ladders will not grant optimal results for working at height. The aluminium ladderstage, however, can be a feasible solution in these instances. Our ladderstage has a 2 m platform that is adjustable in height. It can reach heights of up to 4 m. The ladder frame reaches a total height of 3,3 m when fully extended. The frame features lockable castor wheels to optimise stability while mounted. It will also limit the ladderstage from moving. It has a rated load capacity to handle two adult men and some lightweight hand tools without collapsing.

The aluminium ladderstage takes up quite a lot of space when erected. It can be disassembled to make transportation easier and gain access through limited-access doors. This adds a sense of versatility to our aluminium ladderstage. In the end, this uniquely shaped aluminium frame will grant access to more people to work at height. It will also supply the necessary stability functions to avoid any chance of the frame collapsing on itself. With more than enough load-bearing functions, this frame will hold two people.

CasLad is focussed on manufacturing quality ladders and frames using aluminium. We also employ fibreglass for non-conductive ladder frames. These fibreglass frames are non-conductive, and these ladders are therefore safer to use when working with electricity. For more information on the aluminium ladderstage, or any other of our ladder ranges, browse our website for images and detailed specifics. Choose CasLad for all your ladder needs, and take advantage of our wide selection.