Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding Solutions for Your Business

Scaffolding towers are used to grant safe access for working at height, most commonly in the arena of construction. Such towers are usually put together with steel tubing for a sturdy and stable structure. Steel is a good choice but aluminium will always be easier to work with because it’s lighter. We manufacture and sell a wide variety of industrial and commercial equipment, including ladders and castor wheels. We also have solutions for scaffolding towers manufactured from aluminium. The parts that make up these structures are lightweight and durable.

Normally, such a tower would have various access points and trapdoor ladders to get to different levels. They are also built around what is needed on the construction site. Our towers can be used for building, finishing, or maintaining structures at height. Therefore, they can be adjusted accordingly to fit your needs. By using aluminium components to build scaffolding towers, their handling and the assembly are much easier in comparison to heavy steel tubing. Today, we will focus on our available towers and their versatility to accommodate the needs of the worksite.


Aluminium Scaffolding Towers

Aluminium is a malleable metal with excellent performance under pressure. The metal is particularly malleable at certain temperatures, which makes it ideal for moulding industrial-duty equipment. It is also commonly used for manufacturing components for cars, mobile phones, and electronic equipment. Therefore, it makes sense to use this metal to create scaffolding towers as well. Some mild steels are more susceptible to erosion and rust, which may eventually have a detrimental effect on the integrity of a structure using steel components. Our high-quality steel and aluminium constructions will go the distance.

Our stairway towers are ideal for many uses, with an aluminium frame and components that are lightweight and easy to handle. These towers can be assembled and dismantled quickly thanks to their lightweight components. They also come complete with handrails to ensure that mounted personnel have a place to grab or hold on to. Should a tower exceed 4,5 m in height, we offer stabilisers to keep the structure from leaning or swaying while mounted. Each scaffolding tower in this range also features lockable castor wheels to add mobility to its list of features. The stairway tower is 1,5 m wide and 1,8 long and it is available in seven heights, starting at 2,5 m and scaling to 14,5 m. Safety harnesses are also available to ensure the safety of your crew.

If you do not require stairways in your tower, our aluminium span towers may be what you have been looking for. These towers are based on the stairway towers but without the stairways to offer an alternative approach. Every level has its own platform that can be accessed via a trapdoor or from the outer frame. We also offer bridging platforms for towers of up to 7,2 m high. The dimensions of these towers match those of the stairway towers, with safety harnesses also available when working at extreme heights or in windy conditions. The lockable castors are also included, giving you the freedom to move the scaffolding tower to where it needs to stand.

Our narrow-span towers offer a narrower frame, reducing the width of the tower to 0,9 m. If you have limited floor space to work with, this alternative can be a better solution for your worksite. Available in heights that go up to 7,2 m, the narrow-span scaffolding tower is an ideal solution for when you have little space or need an indoor solution. For more information on our aluminium products, please browse our website for details. We offer a variety of different configurations for these towers, giving you the range to choose an ideal solution for your business.