Conveyor Systems

Choosing the Best Conveyor System for Your Application

Conveyor systems are used in both retail and industrial applications to move merchandise, products and even luggage from one place to another on shop floors, in warehouses, at business establishments and at airports. The use of these systems ensures effective use of company resources and employee time, thereby saving a lot of money and effort by automating such an important goods-moving process. For smooth and efficient floor operations in your business, opt for great quality conveyor systems.

There are different types of conveyor systems available on the market, so deciding which system to select is not always straightforward as it may seem if you are not familiar with each system’s specific features and selling points. A chain conveyor may have either multiple or a single chain assemblies, which directly support the load of the materials being transported and these would typically be the ideal solution for transporting pallets and boxes, as well as for use in transporting bottles in a bottling plant.

Your conveyor system actually becomes the central and indispensible part to any plant that used for mass production. It can efficiently move parts to the assembly line and can also move materials and bulky components through a plant setup, which makes it indispensable to the modern assembly line.


The Appeal of The Gravity Conveyor System

The gravity conveyor system relies on a slight incline in order to move packages across the facility, and in order to overcome resistance, the conveyor tracks are fitted with metal rollers and ball bearings with very low frictional resistance, so that the bin or box can travel a long distance without requiring any source of propulsion. Distribution centres or any other type of facility considering installing a gravity conveyor system should take several important factors into account.

The location of the conveyor system is of critical importance. Gravity conveyors have a small footprint when compared to other systems and with a light frame, they are relatively light, offering large areas of open space underneath. This makes it ideally suited to a position in a busy location without restricting access to an aisle, providing greater workspace to your staff and maximising the available floor space.

Long lines can also be run down open areas and fed from individual aisles by branching conveyors. Alternatively, layers of conveyors can be created on different levels to allow for the movement of materials from a single source to multiple endpoints. The height of the gravity conveyor should also be chosen with care.

Choosing the correct height allows employees to move materials and handle parts without having to bend down or assume a position that is dangerous or uncomfortable. Opting for the correct height also makes it easier to move heavy items from a shelf to the bed. Your conveyor system’s height should also determined by the movements of workers, and the location of the items that are to be processed on the conveyor.


Invest in Conveyor Systems from CasLad

At CasLad, we have worked hard to develop a high-quality range of conveyor systems and solutions. Our conveyor rollers are available in light, medium and heavy duty, and rollers are spring-loaded for easy assembly. The standard widths available are 200 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm, but we also provide special sizes on request, should you require them.

Standard roller diameters are 38 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm and 76 mm. Special application rollers are manufactured to suit our customers’ specific applications, which just further adds value to these products. Our gravity roller conveyors are of modular design and standard sections are available in 3 m length, but we can to produce it to any length upon request. There is also 45-degree and 90-degree bends available to suit your specific needs, and the system has adjustable legs on all conveyors.

These are only a few of the many great quality conveyor system solutions available from our catalogue of products. All of our products quality and workmanship guarantees, providing our clients with even greater peace of mind when working with us. Contact CasLad today to learn more about our company, and for all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.