Imagine a world without scaffolding

Some of the world’s greatest structures would have stayed on the draughtsboard without scaffolding. Think the Statue of Liberty, Victoria Station in good old London, Big Ben, Notre Dame Cathedral, Burk Khalifa. All astounding feats of construction and engineering that wouldn’t exist today without scaffolding.

In fact, I have a friend who was actually part of the construction crew who built Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Do you know it remains the tallest building in the world. Construction took a total of six years, and scaffolding was added as the floors were built in order to keep the final height a secret. The finished building stands at an impressive 829 metres high, with 163 floors. He told me that sometimes, just for the adrenaline rush, he wouldn’t wear his safety harness when climbing. He just didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation…

It’s likely that you’ve travelled with your family or friends and the thought has crossed your mind (as it often does mine), “How much scaffolding would it take to cover that building?” Now you need not wonder ever again (you’re welcome)!

Big Ben? 17 000 pieces weighing 186 288.57kg’s
Buckingham Palace? 34 250 pieces weighing 377 036.41kg’s
The Transamerica Pyramid? 164 624 pieces weighing a WHOPPING 1 076 723.96kg’s

Wow, apologies. I’ve built this up way more than I should have. Let’s get to the point.

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