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Castor wheels are commonly used on industrial trolleys and office chairs. Due to the sheer amount of weight being rested on industrial trolleys, these wheels need to perform accordingly. The most important part of any vehicle is the wheels, serving as the connection between the moving craft and the surface. The same principal applies for industrial trolleys. Therefore, if you want to buy castor wheels, you will need a proper selection to choose from. CasLad is a supplier of castor wheels for a large variety of applications.

Industrial trolleys can carry large load capacities. As a result, a castor should be functional under these loads. To achieve this, a wide selection of designs are used to suit specific applications and trolleys. Different materials and compounds are also used throughout the manufacturing process. Castor wheels should have the durability and robust qualities to handle daily applications without showing signs of wear in just a short period. Today, we will go over our selection and highlight how these wheels can make a notable difference for your industrial trolleys.


CasLad’s Selection of Castor Wheels

When you are looking to buy castor wheels, the initial step is to find wheels in accordance to the industrial trolley you need them for. Castor wheels are also used for modern office and gaming chairs, delivering optimal performance in front of a desk setting as well. For industrial trolleys, our selection begins with the SER series. This series offers basic configurations and durable wheels for constant usage. The tyre is made from rubber to handle a myriad of surfaces and impacts. The centre wheel is polypropylene and features a roller bearing to optimise turning speeds and sustainability on movement.

The SER series is available in a wide selection of wheel radiuses, including 80-, 100-, 125-, 150-, and 200-mm options. The larger the wheel diameter, the more load these castor wheels can handle. When it comes to fittings, the SER delivers even more options. The standard plate fitting is available in three configurations. These configurations start with the brake layout, adding a press brake on the castor wheel for decelerating the trolley’s movement. The swivel configuration allows the castor to swivel underneath the trolley in accordance with the pushing direction. The fixed configuration fixes the wheel in place, eliminating the possibility of swivelling or twisting.

The SER series also features a bolt hole fitting option. This option is available in brake and swivel configurations. The bolt hole configuration is limited to a maximum wheel size of 125 mm, and it is able to handle total load of 140 kg. With the plate fitting configuration, the largest available wheel diameter is 200 mm, which can handle a maximum load of 250 kg. In conclusion, the SER series already delivers an all-inclusive selection of options and configurations to optimise your castor wheels when looking to buy replacements for your current ones.

CasLad provides a wide selection of industrial and commercial equipment for your business. If you are looking to buy some new castor wheels, please peruse our website for complete details and specifications on each series. Choose CasLad as your supplier of useful industrial and commercial equipment today and take advantage of our wide range.