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Ladders come in a variety of configurations and sizes for different applications. A basic single-frame combines two vertical sections with horizontal connectors that act as steps on which to mount the frame but you have to prop it up against something. Another commonly used type is the A-frame, which connects two single frames at the top and with stabilising connectors added in the middle between the two single frames to keep it from collapsing when mounted. It can stand by itself. Extension frames are also very popular, adding length to a regular single-frame when needed. If you want to buy ladders, CasLad offers a sensible selection to choose the ideal frame for your needs – and you can view them online.

We use some of the most durable materials to manufacture our frames. Aluminium is a versatile metal used in various fields of manufacturing and fabrication. From high-performance vehicle parts to bow frames, this metal offers the strength and light weight needed in many industries. Fibreglass is another popular material with similar qualities. Since fibreglass is not metallic, it does not conduct electricity, which may be a safety requirement in some applications. Extension ladders are commonly used for extra reach above or below ground. Our selection makes it easy to find the right version online on our website before buying.


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When buying a ladder for personal or business use, it is important to get the right frame. Extension frames are designed to increase the reach of a single-frame by adding another pull-out frame to it. In some cases, up to four single frames can be added for a longer reach. Our selection begins with the CE range. This commercial-duty frame has a safe load rating of 115 kg. The foot pegs have rubber non-slip pads to ensure that it maintains a firm footing when mounted. It also features a D-style rung to keep the frame from twisting when working at height. We offer seven sizes in this range to ensure that you can get the ideal size for your requirements.

For the industrial side of things, we also offer a heavy-duty aluminium extension ladder. The HDE range is the perfect candidate to buy for daily use. Browsing these frames online can give you a sensible idea of what to expect from them in terms of load capacity and overall reach. The HDE range has box rungs to ensure that the frame stays straight. A rope and pulley are added to allow for increasing the length and reach. It has a capacity of 135 kg and is available in both double- and triple-extension frames. As a result, the largest frame in this range can reach an impressive total length of 20,1 m when completely extended.

Working at height often involves working with electricity. Therefore, view the various fibreglass extension ladders that you can buy from us online. Since fibreglass does not conduct electricity, it is the preferred ladder material for electricians because of the reduced likelihood of the person on the ladder suffering an electrical shock. Our LFG-PU range offers a commercial-duty frame with push-up extension functionality. Box rungs keep the frame rigid while mounted, while rubber foot pegs keep it in place. This range has a load rating of 115 kg to ensure that you can work at height in safety. Our FG range uses a heavy-duty fibreglass frame that can carry up to 135 kg. It has aluminium D-shaped rungs to keep the frame from twisting under pressure.

CasLad is your first choice when you want to buy extension ladders, so browse our selection online on our website for images and specifications. It includes commercial- and heavy-duty options with aluminium or fibreglass frames. Find the right extension ladders with us on your side.