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Buying the Right Ladder for Your Needs

Commercial and industrial businesses use ladders daily. Most households also have their own ladder for gaining access to the roof or high cupboards. These devices come in different shapes and sizes, so you will always be able to buy one that is ideal for your application. A single-frame is the most basic and simplest version. This type is simply propped up and leans against a stable structure like a wall. An A-frame, on the other hand, has a secondary frame that allows it to stand on its own. This is ideal for areas without any stable structures to lean a ladder against. This is important information when shopping for ladders.

Single-frame models always require a solid structure to lean against, which is the case with extension ladders as well. An extension ladder features multiple single frames that can extend the length, and therefore reach, of the ladder. These frames are perfect for reaching particularly high locations. A-frames are also available in double-sided frames, which allows mounting from both sides of the ladder. This is useful when an extra set of hands is needed to do a certain job at height. If you are looking for a supplier from which you can buy a variety of ladders, CasLad is your answer. We have a range of single-frame, A-frame, and extension ladders for you to choose from.

Aluminium is a light, versatile, and strong metal and therefore ideal for fabricating structures. It is used extensively in the manufacture of aeroplanes, helicopters, and cars. Fibreglass is also light and stiff, but it is a non-metallic glass-reinforced plastic. The density of this compound can be modified, allowing the manufacture of strongly integral structures such as ladders. Today, we will highlight some of our ladder ranges that are perfect candidates for specific functions at home or at work.


Buying the Ideal Ladder

Aluminium is one of the lightest metals on earth and therefore, it is a popular material for making large appliances that should also be portable, such as ladders. Our HDE range is a heavy-duty aluminium extension ladder for those who wish to buy a frame that can reach almost anywhere. The frame has heavy-duty sections, along with a rope and pully to allow for its extension. Box rungs keep the ladder frame from twisting, while non-slip rubber feet keep it in place while mounted. This ladder has a safe working load of 135 kg. The HDE range is available in double- and triple-extension frames for an even longer reach.

If you want to buy a ladder that is ideal for commercial applications, our LFG-PU range is a fibreglass commercial extension ladder designed for medium-duty applications. The frame features push-up extension functionality to make it easy to extend the length of the ladder before mounting. As it is fibreglass, the frame does not conduct electricity. Box rungs keep the frame from twisting when extended and mounted. The feet of the ladder are made from rubber to ensure a firm footing and prevent slipping. The LFG-PU range is available in five sizes.

Our LASD range is perfect for someone who wants to buy an A-frame ladder. This range features a heavy-duty double-sided aluminium stepladder frame that has wide tread steps on both sides. Non-slip rubber feet keep the ladder stable while mounted. The LASD range has a safe working load of 135 kg, allowing two people to mount it at the same time and work at height.

CasLad is your first choice in a ladder supplier, offering a comprehensive selection to ensure that you will be able to buy the ideal frame for your requirements. Please browse our website for images and specifications on our available ranges to find the perfect one for your needs.