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Lifting equipment is constantly overlooked in terms of the value these machines can add to a work environment. An obvious example brings us to the forklift. This piece of lifting equipment might not seem like much, but has a determining role to play regarding warehouse material handling and stacking. Hence, large companies are prone to buy lifting equipment for their businesses. Both industrial and commercial businesses can take full advantage of employing lifting equipment daily in their business.

For the commercial market, large machinery is redundant in a sense. Most of the heavy lifting comes from handling delicate and heavy products, such as refrigerators and televisions. These items can be handled without the proper equipment, which drastically increases the risk of disaster. Therefore, most commercial shops use commercial lifting equipment to transport heavier and larger items for the customers. If you are interested to buy some commercial lifting equipment, CasLad is where you will find a workable selection. Apart from our wide selection of castor wheels and ladders, we also offer viable lifting equipment solutions for your business.


Lifting Equipment for the Commercial Market

With such a versatile element connected to lifting equipment, it is easy to use these creations for a myriad of functions. Our selection of lifting equipment begins with our hydraulic pallet truck. Pallet trucks are commonly used for safely transporting large material or product pallets. These machines offer a low centre of gravity to accompany large and abnormally shaped pallets as well. The pallet forks are shaped to spread the weight displacement evenly on the forks. This increases overall stability while transporting a heavy pallet on a pallet truck.

CasLad’s pallet truck series offers a robust construction that can handle a maximum load capacity of 3 t. With a reliable pump installed in the back, this pallet truck is easy to operate from a standing position. Our hydraulic pallet truck can lift to a maximum of 200 mm as well. The standard fork size on this pallet truck is 1 220 x 685 mm. We also offer a smaller fork option, with dimensions of 1 066 x 540 mm. Sometimes, pallet trucks need to have more lifting capability in their functionality. Therefore, CasLad also offers the hi-lift pallet truck to get the pallet to an appropriate height.

The concept behind our hi-lift pallet truck reveals a mixture between a lift table and a pallet truck for specified functionality. This piece of commercial lifting equipment has a rated capacity of 1,5 t, which is still enough to lift a small city car. The overall lift height is now rated at 800 mm, as opposed to the regular pallet truck’s meagre 200 mm. This hi-lift version also features lateral stabilisers to optimise lifting functionality and ensure lifting stability. The fork length on this pallet truck is 1 140 mm, with a choice between 520- and 680-mm width options.

When you buy lifting equipment, it is wise to consider the functionality of each piece. This determines how the lifting equipment can be used daily, and how it will affect your work environment. Within a commercial shop setting, you would want fast and easily operated machines to get the job done. Therefore, pallet trucks are feasible, even though they are limited. Luckily, CasLad offers some more options to overcome these limitations. Introducing the manual hydraulic stacker to get the reach that you need.

This machine has a lift height of 1 600 mm to give you access to the larger and higher shelves. It is also available in 1- and 2-t lifting capacity models. With a 900-mm fork length and adjustable fork width, the manual hydraulic stacker makes for a versatile piece of lifting equipment. If you are interested to buy lifting equipment from CasLad, feel free to browse our website for detailed information on our products.