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Many an industrial workplace will be a right mess without proper storage solutions. These solutions come in many forms, with linbins being a popular and efficient option. These bins are commonly made of plastic to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. They can be used for keeping nuts, bolts, and hand tools neatly separated and sorted. If want to buy some of them for your workspace, we offer these in cabinets and free-standing units to suit your preferences. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, many companies are using recycled plastic to produce all sorts of products. Since plastic is such a practical option for manufacturing containers, it comes as no surprise that this material can be turned into schoolbags and other useful products too.

linbinLinbins follow a similar process by using plastic to create a useful storage solution. Putting them in a bin cabinet creates a smart and accessible solution for teachers, mechanics, or anyone that requires sorted storage options. The bins are easy to label and have enough space for all your stuff. Since they are made from plastic, you do not have to be concerned about corrosion or rust either. These bins are designed to keep your stuff safe, sorted, and within easy reach at any time during your workday. Let’s have a closer look at the options that you can buy from us and how they can benefit your business.


Linbins for Clever Storage Purposes

The success behind the linbin is the design of the bin itself. It has a rectangular shape and, rather than having a lid or a lock, it is open for easy access to the contents. The front of the bin has a lip to keep the contents from slipping out. It is also available in various sizes for different applications. To buy storage cabinets can be a real hassle, unless you can find something universal that is also scalable. Our cabinets are fitted with no. 7 and no. 8 linbins, which gives you an ideal solution for a plethora of workplaces’ needs.

The no. 7 linbin is a narrow and deep bin and, as such, a useful rectangular container for storage purposes. The no. 8 linbin is about double the width of the no. 7 to increase the overall capacity and deliver an option for more storage. We offer these bins in a variety of colours as well, giving you options in terms of customisation and matching colours. You can buy our bin cabinets in two sizes. The large option stands 1800 mm tall, is 900 mm wide, and 450 mm deep. The small option is 900 mm tall, with the same width and depth as the large version. Therefore, you can choose a size that is most applicable to your work environment.

We also offer free-standing units that are more focused on industrial storage requirements. Linbins come in many sizes. In contrast to our storage-cabinet option, the free-standing unit is more easily accessible because it is open. You can buy single- and double-sided units, whatever your need and application. These units are ideal for workshops, garages, or your shed at home. Linbins are easy to label and relabel as well, which gives you even more options when using the free-standing unit for different purposes.

If you want to buy storage cabinets or free-standing cabinet units that are fitted with linbins, CasLad is your answer. We also have a wide selection of castor wheels and ladders in our catalogue of products. For more information on how you can buy these useful linbins, please browse our website for details on our products. Choose us today and let us deliver useful solutions for your business and work environment.