Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium Ladders for Any Occasion

Ladders have a lot of applications, whether it is at home to clean the roof’s gutters, at the shop to help an employee stack the racks, or in the factory’s storage room to gain access to the top-level of a storage rack. Aluminium is a flexible and durable metal that can be found almost anywhere. It is used in modern lightweight cars and motorcycles, high-end watches and jewellery, and even regular mobile devices.

Aluminium is also used to create strong metallic frames, which is the case with CasLad’s range of aluminium ladders. It brings durability and strength to one of the most commonly used tools known to man. As a result, our range of aluminium ladders are dependable and reliable to use in almost any environment. Ladders grant us access to areas that would be inaccessible otherwise. Various utility maintenance jobs and repairs depend on the use of quality ladders to climb up an electric pole or down into a sewage drain.

No matter the cause or the application, humankind relies on ladders as one of the most useful items to have. Therefore, having an aluminium ladder at your disposal will be beneficial in any environment. Today, we will have a closer look at CasLad’s aluminium ladder selection, giving you a comprehensive idea of what to expect when browsing through our selection.


Caslad’s Selection of Aluminium Ladders

With sturdiness and reliability at the forefront when it comes to a trusty ladder that can be used daily, CasLad offers a comprehensive range to choose from, starting with our LAS range. Offering an industrial heavy-duty A-frame design, the LAS range is ideal for handyman applications, as well as working at height. This stepladder offers heavy-duty riveted steps, with a wide tread and rubber non-slip feet, to ensure stability and safety while stepping and standing on it.

With a maximum load capacity of 135 kg, almost anyone can easily and safely climb the LAS range of aluminium ladders to reach where they need to. Available in ten sizes, the LAS range starts with the small three-step model, with an overall length of 0,9 m, and scales towards the sixteen-step model, with a total length of 4,8 m. We provide a comprehensive selection of aluminium ladders to choose from.

If you are looking for a range of aluminium extension ladders, our CE range is ideal for you. Featuring a range of industrial duty extension ladders that are easy to use and extend, these aluminium ladders are ideal for your work environment, with a D-style rung that eliminates any form of twisting, and rubber non-slip feet to give you more grip while stepping.

The safe workload for the CE range reaches a maximum capacity at 115 kg, allowing one adult to climb and operate at a time. Starting with the CE 420, the range includes seven sizes to choose from. The 420 offers a 2,4 m base, and extends to a maximum length of 4,2 m. Scaling to the biggest model in the range, we find the CE 900. It has a base length of 4,8 m, and is able to extend to an impressive length of 9 m, as the name suggests.

From these two ranges alone, it is easy to find the ideal aluminium ladder for your specific requirements and work environment, giving you more than enough choices in size and design to take full advantage of a reliable and sturdy aluminium ladder for daily use.

CasLad features a variety of aluminium and fibreglass ladders for sale, as well as mobile ladders for residential and commercial use. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Find your ideal ladder today with CasLad.