Reaching Higher with Extension Ladders

When it comes to maintenance, it might sometimes require you to reach higher than the average ladder can go, without putting anybody in danger, or causing instability due to working at heights. Various applications and implementations require the use of ladders for reaching the top of electricity poles or the bottom of sewer pipes. Extension ladders offer the most effective method of reaching places that are impossible to reach with normal ladders.

Extension ladders not only provide more reach, but also save valuable time in the process of maintenance and repairs. This grants the employee a viable solution for reaching, while maintaining stability at the same time. Extension ladders also offer a more compact design for easier transport. This makes them viable for everyday use with mobile repair units, as these ladders can simply slide or fold up, which makes it easier to carry and transport.

Aluminium and fibreglass are popular materials for this type of ladder, as they are not only durable, but also flexible. This ensures that you can use your extension ladder for years to come. If you are looking for a supplier, who can provide a range of extension ladders to choose from, CasLad has exactly what you need. Below, we will dive into the details of our selection and cover the specifications surrounding these ladders.


CasLad’s Selection of Extension Ladders

CasLad offers a wide range of products for industrial and commercial sectors in South Africa, including a selection of ladders to suit every application. Starting with our HDE range, we offer a series of extension ladders that are made from aluminium and ideal for heavy-duty implementation. A rope and pulley control the extension part of this ladder. It has a safe workload of 135kg, to ensure that the ladder does not collapse while working at heights.

This ladder series also features rubber non-slip foot pegs, giving you the stability and confidence to work at certain heights, without having to worry about slipping. The HDE is available in double and triple extension versions. The double extension ladders start at the HDE 900 (starting at 4,8m, and extending to 9,1m). The largest double extension in this range is the HDE 1410 (starting at 7,5m, and extending to 14,1m). The largest triple extension ladder in this series is the HDTE 2010 (starting at 7,5m, and extending to 20,1m).

Moving on to the CE range, we have an aluminium extension ladder that is specifically built for commercial use. This ladder also features rubber non-slip foott pegs, is very easy to handle, and has a safe workload of 115kg. This series features seven different models, including the CE 900, which features a base length of 4,8m and a total extension length of 9m.

If you are looking for a medium-duty fibreglass model, our LFG-PU series offers exactly that, with push-up extensions and rubber non-slip pegs, to ensure that you can easily move up and down the ladder without any hassle. Since this ladder is made from fibreglass, it is non-conductive and ideal for electrical application. This ladder can handle a safe workload of 115kg, and is available in five different sizes, starting with the LFG 540 (starting at 3m, and extending to 5,4m). The largest model in this series is the LFG 900, with a base length of 4,8m and a total extension length of 9m. It gives you the reach you need to get the job done.

CasLad offers a wide variety of extension ladders for sale. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details surrounding these ladders, or contact us directly with any further enquiries.