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Choosing the Best Turntable Trolley from CasLad

Turntable trolleys are four-wheeled truck style trolleys with either a long T- or U-shaped handle at the front end, attached beneath the trolley box section to the steering section. They come with two steerable front wheels to make them even easier to handle. Consequently, this type of trolley is therefore highly manoeuvrable, and can be manually attached or pulled to a towing system. This makes it further compatible with many industrial applications.

At CasLad, we designed an industry-leading solution to the modern turntable trolley. Its heavy-duty friction plate turntable makes it ideal for use in unforgiving conditions, and it is sure to outperform its competitors time and time again. Some of its many great features include:

  • Easily manoeuvrable;
  • Large, 350mm wheels;
  • Load capacity of 680kg;
  • Available with steel or wooden deck; and
  • Pneumatic wheels can also be fitted, should the need arise.


Get More from Your CasLad Trolleys

Our turntable trolleys come available in two different sizes: 1 500mm x 760mm, and 1 800mm x 910mm. The construction and size of the turntable trolley you decide on will in large part dictate the weight capacity that it can handle.

Exceptional quality turntable trolleys are constructed while keeping various safety issues in mind. An example of this is the way that the body’s materials are cut, and the single box selection bet is made. This ensures that risk to workers and other assets are minimised by effectively eliminating any sharp corners or mitred edges.

Since turntable trolleys are used in industrial settings where a heavy emphasis is placed on worker health and safety, a practical and easy to operate braking system is crucial. An example of this is a braking system which requires the operator to simply lift the handle to stop the trolley. These are only a few of the many reasons why turntable trolleys remain such a popular choice among companies from all sectors of the economy.


More Quality and Durable CasLad Trolleys

Aside from our quality and durable CasLad turntable trolley, we also manufacture a wide range of other quality and durable trolleys. These trolleys are designed to perform exceptionally under harsh and unforgiving operational conditions. We are proud of our extensive range of celebrated trolleys manufactured to last for years to come.

Some of the many types of trolleys available from CasLad include:

  • Rocker and Pallet Jack;
  • Heavy Duty Case Trolley;
  • Coke and Brewery Trolley;
  • Single and Double Gas Trolley;
  • Platform and Stock Picking Trolley;
  • Plastic Dolly and Plywood Dolly trolley;
  • Small Sack and Single Arm Drum Trolley; and
  • Folding Nose and Drum Decanting Trolley.


These are only a few of the many quality trolleys available from CasLad. We are proud of our catalogue of industry-leading trolley solutions, and continue to use our insight and expertise in the sector to design innovative solutions. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you will only access the finest quality and hard performing trolleys available on the market.


Choose Quality and Performance from Your Trolleys

We bring years of expertise and experience to our sector. Our products undergo continuous development to ensure that they stay at the cutting edge of the industry. We remain committed to adding value to the concerns of our customers, and to delivering the exceptional quality products and solutions we have become known for.

Allow us to help you access the great quality CasLad trolleys you need to take your business into the future. We are proud of our long history of excellent service and look forward to helping you choose the best solution for your needs. Speak to us today for expert advice on choosing the best CasLad trolley for your operational requirements.