Castor Wheels

Choose From an Array of Top-quality Castor Wheels at Caslad

Castor wheels are used in a variety of applications. We offer an extensive range of options, including heavy-duty castors, swivel castors, furniture castors, material handling castors, and several more besides. The wheels used with a castor are important to the overall efficiency and functionality of the equipment that it is fitted to. For instance, if the unit fitted with a castor is going to be used outside, the wheels would need to be able to withstand external conditions that are potentially rough and uneven.

We offer an array of castor wheels to choose from. The castor wheels that you choose will be determined by the load bearing capacity that you require. Our range currently includes SER castor wheels (90 kg to 250 kg load bearing capacity), NY Series castor wheels (90 kg to 140 kg), UAR Series castor wheels (100 kg to 160 kg), PU Series castor wheels (125 kg to 200 kg), 2470 Series castor wheels (50 kg to 100 kg), 61 & 88 Series castor wheels (50 kg to 250 kg), TS & TF Series castor wheels (225 kg to 500 kg), TH Medium Duty Series castor wheels (250 kg to 650 kg), TH Heavy Duty Series caster wheels (250 kg to 1020 kg), and STC Heavy Duty Series castor wheels (1300 kg to 3000 kg), as well as pneumatic Inflatable castor wheels and castor wheels for scaffolding.

We do not believe that you are merely buying a castor wheel when shopping for one, because castor wheels are certainly not all created equal. You need to buy a castor wheel that truly works for your application. Internal material handling is a cost and without selecting properly designed castor wheels for the job, that cost can be unnecessarily inflated.

There are a few things to be considered when shopping for the right castor wheels for your business and applications. Among these are the following:

  • Load weight – the higher the load weight that you are working with, the larger and denser the castor wheel would have to be, so make sure that the castor wheel can carry the load. To determine the handling capacity, take the total weight of the objects being handled and divide that total by the number of castor wheels on the unit. Check to see that the weight expectation per unit does not exceed the advertised load bearing capacity of the wheel itself.
  • Rolling ease – how easily do you need the unit to move? By design, the larger and harder the wheel material is, the easier the wheel will roll. The type of bearings used will also determine how easily the unit rolls and how it reacts to certain load weights.
  • Floor protection – floors are costly to maintain and repair. If you choose castor wheels that are hard on your flooring, you could be causing unnecessary expenses in terms of maintenance and repairs. Choose castor wheels designed to work with the type of flooring that is used at your premises.
  • Operation – will the unit with castor wheels attached be manually or mechanically propelled? If your workforce has to manually move trolleys and other units, it is preferable to choose those with good rollability and ergonomic design. After all, you want to avoid on-duty injuries that can lead to costly downtime.

Your business stand to benefit in terms of an ergonomic work environment if you invest in durable castor wheels that are suited to their job. Always consider the maintenance required when investing in a castor wheel. What material is it manufactured from? Is it durable enough to last through harsh conditions? Is the material long-lasting and will it survive long-term and continuous use without being replaced?

We understand the need to cut back on costs and economise the workplace, but this should not happen at the expense of safety and efficiency of the work environment. We strongly urge those looking for the best quality castor wheels at an affordable price to get in touch with us so that we can advise them on their extensive selection of options and also assist them with making the right choice for their business and applications.

We are always available to chat to you about your castor wheel requirements and are confident that the Caslad castor wheel range is designed to specifically take care of your material handling needs. For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone today.