Castor Wheels

Everything You Need to Know About Castor Wheels

Castor wheels are a simplistic, yet very effective, solution for various applications. The concept behind a castor wheel allows the wheel to rotate freely, with some versions offering fixed wheels as well. The free rotation in the wheel grants easy manoeuvring for the trolley running on castors. It also promotes safe and easy direction changes with heavier trolleys. Castors can also be hooked up to several other items, such as industrial ladders, heavy desks, and game tables. In the end, these wheels are versatile, making them useful in a myriad of applications.

With heavy-duty functionality in mind, castor wheels are built using durable materials. These materials can include different types of plastic, metal, steel, and rubber. They are most likely to be found on the bottom of shopping trolleys. These wheels can easily be replaced and repaired, making them ideal options for daily usage. If you are looking for a supplier, CasLad offers an extensive selection of castor wheels for sale. Our selection includes a variety of different designs to suit your requirements.


CasLad’s Selection of Castor Wheels

Wheels are some of the most important aspects to any moving object. Whether it is a trolley or a car, the overall stability of the moving object depends on the wheels. They act as the communicator between the moving object and the surface it moves over. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the contact patch area, the object will become unstable. As a result, castor wheels have pivotal roles to play. Castor wheels are available in a selection of configurations. This is evident with CasLad’s SER Series. The SER Series can handle loads of between 90 and 250 kg. It uses a rubber tyre, a polypropylene centre wheel, and a load bearing to keep the wheel turning.

When it comes to castor wheels, the SER delivers the necessary configurations and options to get the right wheel for the intended functions. The SER is available in a plate and bolt hole connector configuration to allow versatile connectivity to a variety of trolleys. The plate connector version is available in a brake, swivel, and fixed version. It is also available in five specified wheel sizes, including 80-, 100-, 125-, 150-, and 200-mm variants. As a result, if you want a SER plate connector castor wheel, you have 15 different options to choose from.

The bolt hole castor wheel is more narrowed in terms of functionality. Luckily, the SER Series also includes options for bolt hole configurations. These options include brake and swivel options that are available in 80-, 100-, and 125-mm size variants. This adds another six options to the versatile SER castor wheel range that is available from CasLad. With the brake castor, you will have the power to decrease the rotation of the wheels themselves. This gives you more control over heavier trolleys and objects. The swivel is built around manoeuvrability, while the fixed option will act as a standard fixed castor wheel for optimal stability during movement.

CasLad’s selection of castor wheels is much bigger than the all-inclusive SER Series. We offer a variety of unique designs to fit specific functions. We also offer different sizes for these wheels to ensure that your castors work exactly as intended. With a variety of factors to consider when buying castors, it is always vital to have a wide selection to choose from. That is what you can expect when buying castor wheels from CasLad. Not only do we offer a wide variety, but also a useful selection to give you the perfect castor for your needs.

CasLad has a large selection of industrial and commercial equipment. We sell a variety of castor wheels and ladders, to only touch base on our overall inventory. Please peruse our website for detailed information on our products. Choose CasLad today and enjoy our selection of castor wheels we offer for sale.