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Castor wheels are commonly used on industrial and retail trolleys and even on everyday office chairs. They are made from a variety of materials, taking into account friction, speed, and control characteristics. We offer a range of them to ensure that your needs are met when choosing us as your supplier in Cape Town. The importance of these components is regularly overlooked, as they are barely noticed while doing their job. However, they are the centre of attention – and a huge nuisance – if they are poorly engineered.

Castor wheels’ contact patch that touches the floor is not so much focused on grip retention as it is on smooth and frictionless rolling performance. Dependent on the surface, different materials can be used for optimal performance. Industrial trolleys are commonly pulled across smooth cement floors. Retail trolleys might travel over tiles instead. Although they are mostly used on smooth surfaces, subtle differences can influence the friction properties of certain materials. Therefore, we go out of our way to ensure that our variety can address your needs, whether you are based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, or elsewhere.


Our Selection of Castor Wheels

castor wheelCape Town is an iconic city and a major tourist attraction in South Africa. Many large and successful businesses have, therefore, set up shop here. Most of the country’s industrial businesses may be based in Gauteng, where many suppliers are but we can supply castor wheels to businesses in Cape Town and the rest of the country. These components are manufactured to be fitted to trolleys and similar products, so we offer different configurations to match the profiles of different products.

Our SER series has a standardised design to deliver a versatile choice in castor wheels. These models use a rubber tyre fitted around a polypropylene centre with a roller bearing in the middle. As a result, it is ideal for smooth surfaces. This series is also available in two mounting configurations, including plate and bolt-hole options. The plate-mount models are available in brake, swivel, and fixed configurations and in various diameters. The larger the diameter, the more load they can carry.

If you are looking for a more basic approach, the NY series is the ideal castor wheel for you. This series has a plain nylon construction with no bearing. It features the standard plate mounts with brake, swivel, and fixed configurations as well and it is available in a choice of three diameters to sure that you can match them to your trolleys’ requirements. Apart from the NY and SER ranges, we offer other options that are made of different materials and constructions for a wider spectrum of uses. Therefore, you will always find a feasible option for your business.

CasLad is your first choice as a supplier of castor wheels in Cape Town. Our selection caters to an extensive market, with different models made of different materials to ensure that you get the ideal ones for your business. For more on our products, please browse our website details. Choose us today for all your castor-wheel needs in Cape Town and further afield.