Castor Wheels for Sale at CasLad

Castor wheels are used in a multitude of applications. At CasLad, you will find that we stock a wide range of options to choose from. These include the likes of heavy-duty castors, swivel castors, furniture castors, material handling castors, and many more. The wheels that are used with a castor will affect the unit’s overall functionality and will also determine the handling capacity of the application. This means that you need to consider what the application will be used for before you can fit a castor. For example, castors intended for outside use must be fitted with castor wheels designed for outdoor conditions.

It’s a good idea to know what you need from your chosen caster wheels. The castor wheels that you choose will be determined by the load-bearing capacity that you require. Our range currently includes SER castor wheels, NY Series castor wheels, UAR Series castor wheels, PU Series castor wheels, 2470 Series castor wheels, 61 & 88 Series castor wheels, TS & TF Series castor wheels, TH Medium Duty Series castor wheels, TH Heavy Duty Series caster wheels, and STC Heavy Duty Series castor wheels, as well as pneumatic Inflatable castor wheels and castor wheels for scaffolding. Each of these castor wheels are designed to have different ranges of handling capacities.

When buying a castor wheel from CasLad, you are investing in far more than just a unit. We understand that not all castors on the market are manufactured the same, which is why it’s important to ensure that we present a top-quality range to the market. When handling materials, it is important that you invest in equipment that is best suited and designed for the job. If you don’t, you could find yourself plagued with unwanted costs.

Some things to consider when shopping for castor wheels:

  • Damage to the floors – unfortunately, not all handling equipment is manufactured with the condition of your floors in mind. Castor wheels that are hard on your floors can result in unnecessary repairs and maintenance costs. It’s important to select a set of castor wheels that will go easy on your specific flooring type. If you aren’t sure, ask the manufacturer or sales consultant.
  • Load bearing capacity – for heavy loads, large, dense castor wheels are required. The handling capacity can be determined by dividing the total weight of the load by the number of castor wheels on the application. Now you can see if the total weight exceeds the handling capacity of each wheel.
  • Manual or mechanical operation – how the castor wheels will be controlled is quite important. Will your application be manual or mechanical? An ergonomic design and easy movement is essential if your workforce is required to be hands-on about moving and relocating units.
  • Ease of movement – think about how much and smoothly you need the application to move. The larger and harder your castor wheel, the more easily it should roll. How the unit responds to certain load weights will also depend on the bearings used in the castor wheels.


The Benefits of Investing in Durable Castor Wheels

One of the greatest benefits of durable castor wheels is a work environment that’s ergonomic and efficient, as we all know that it means great things for your bottom line and productivity. That being said, you can also keep maintenance costs down by ensuring that your castor wheels don’t easily fall victim to wear and tear.

If you would like to find out more about investing in our range of castor wheels, we welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone at CasLad today.