Castor Wheels

Why Quality Castor Wheels Will Change Your Business for the Better

Throughout the last few decades, there have been many inventions that changed the way the world operates and how people live their lives. The castor is one such invention that has had an impact in virtually every sphere of modern society. It changed the way businesses operate, how products are shipped and transported, and how people interact with machinery and appliances. A castor wheel is mounted on a fork, but the wheel has an additional offset steering joint that allows the wheel to rotate 360 degrees.

With the assistance of a steering joint, the wheel easily turns without changing the direction of the chassis. In a straight-forward motion, the wheel rotates parallel to the direction of the movement. It helps to maintain a straight motion without the need for fixed steering. Aside from many other features, this is perhaps the one reason why great quality castors will change your business for the better. You can look forward to enjoying smooth and easy turning.

Castor wheels feature solid design, making them ideal for use in various industries. High-quality castors are designed to offer maximum support with the least resistance. They are ideal for use on shopping cars, tables, chairs and food transportation carts. They are also ideal for use on computer tables, desks, office furniture and can even be used in industrial applications. These are only a few of many examples of applications where castors excel in.


Choosing the Correct Castors for the Application

One of the most important things that will impact the type of castor wheel you choose is its application. There are basically three types of castors when it comes to choosing wheels. These are single wheels, dual wheels and ball wheels. The ball wheel is considered by many to be somewhat dated, with many people opting to use minimalist wheels which aren’t as visible.

The weight carrying limit is also important, as it directly impacts how much weight can be transported using the castor wheels. When determining the weight to be transported, take into account its contents too. This means that if you are moving machinery or furniture, include the weight of the contents of the equipment.

Single wheeled castors are often used for lighter equipment. These wheels are manufactured using exceptional quality rubber and strong material to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. For heavier material, steel wheels are your best option, or the dual wheel. This castor spreads the weight across a larger surface area of the wheel. It also makes use of more rolling surface from which to create momentum with, making it easier to move the heavier equipment.


Buy South Africa’s Best Quality Castors from CasLad

At CasLad, we are considered one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality castors in South Africa. We are proud of our extensive catalogue of quality castors, and continue to lead our industry forward in state-of-the-art innovation. Let us help you find the best performing castors for your needs, whether you are in need of hard wearing or light-duty wheels.

We have castors for every application and need. Here are only a few of the many units you can look forward to when choosing us as your preferred supplier:

  • SER Series: 90kg to 250kg load capacity, rubber tyre with polypropylene centre wheel and roller bearing.
  • NY Series: 90kg to 140kg load capacity, plain nylon wheel, no bearing.
  • UAR Series: 100kg to 160kg load capacity, polyurethane tyre and nylon centre, with double ball bearing.


Thanks to our industry-leading position in our sector, we are able to develop and manufacture products that directly address our customers’ needs. We also bring a vast buying power to the market, which in turn helps us to keep our prices competitively low. With CasLad, there is no need to pay more for your castor wheels ever again.

We are ready to help you access the best quality castors available on the market in South Africa. Speak to our team of dedicated sales professionals for all the assistance needed in making the best purchasing decision. Our team is always at hand to answer any questions that you may have, and we go the extra mile to deliver the great service our customers expect from an industry leader.