A Variety of Castor Wheels

When people are asked what the most important part of a vehicle is, most consider the engine or motor, but what about the wheels? The wheels are the contact patches between the vehicle and the surface on which it runs. Without wheels, there will be no movement at all. This concept applies to everything from cars and other means of human transportation to commercial and industrial trolleys and loading equipment. This is where CasLad’s selection of castor wheels come in handy.

CasLad produces a wide selection of commercial and industrial equipment, including trolleys, for your business. To go with our selection, we offer a plethora of castors to choose from. These castor wheels can be fitted to a variety of moving equipment, whether it is an industrial pallet jack or a commercial shopping trolley. Our comprehensive range will have the necessary wheels in the required configurations you require to maximise efficiency, speed, and manoeuvrability of the machine to which they are fitted. Today, we will highlight some of our options in terms of the castors we have available for industrial and commercial duty.


Castors and Their Uses

Castor wheels are rigid and can work hard for years, thanks to the durable materials used to manufacture them. Our SER Series features a rubber tyre, a polypropylene centre wheel, and an inner roller bearing to optimise the design. The wheel is available in three configurations. The brake configuration features an off-centre plate with a brake extender to slow the wheel. The swivel layout also has an off-centre plate mounting to allow the wheel to swivel during movement. The fixed layout has a perfectly centred alignment for the mounting plate and the wheel, keeping the wheel in place and straight during movement.

Our TS and TF Series offer more choices and even more versatility. These wheels can handle loads of between 225 and 500 kg. They are available in four diameter variants, namely 100, 125, 150, and 200 mm. With the brake, swivel, and fixed-plate configurations to choose from, it is easy to find the ideal castor in this series. If there were not enough choices already, these wheels are available in nylon, polyurethane, and cast-iron variants to ensure that the wheels’ material fits its intended use and load.

Sometimes, castors are expected to work on rough terrain and where the surfaces are uneven. This is where our yielding pneumatic castors can provide a practical solution. These wheels are available in fixed and swivel configurations, with a choice between light-, medium-, and heavy-duty brackets as well. Wheel diameters range from 200 to 400 mm, with the inflatable wheels ensuring that these castors can tackle almost any terrain. Our pneumatic castor wheels are ideal for outdoor use and deliver the cushioning for outdoor handling equipment.

We have an extensive range of industrial and commercial equipment to choose from. Our selection includes ladders and castors for a wide range of applications. Please contact us with any further enquiries surrounding our castors, or browse our website for details on all our products. Choose CasLad and let our all-encompassing range of products elevate your business to the next level today.