Castors and Wheels to Suit Any Application

castor wheelCastor wheels come in various sizes and groupings. Choosing the right type according to weight and application need not be a daunting task. We supply castors and wheels to suit any application. If you already know the size and type needed, simply browse through our collection to find the one that’s perfect for your application. If you don’t yet know which one, use the basic guidelines below to make the selection process easier.


What is the maximum load?

You rarely need just one castor wheel. In most instances, you will need three or more. To this end, determining the maximum load weight may seem rather complex. But keep in mind that the larger the load, the larger the wheel required. If the wheels are larger, the weight can be distributed more evenly. As such, the rolling action is smoother. The risk of overload on one of the wheels when turning or putting pressure on one is minimised.

Divide the gross weight of the object such as trolley or chair by the number of wheels that you intend to use. This will give you the load that each wheel must be able to carry. If the object carries a load, consider the maximum load to be carried. Add that to the object’s weight before dividing the total by the number of wheels to be used. This will give you an accurate maximum-load weight.


Where will it be used?

The next aspect relates to the operating environment. Do you want the castor wheels for outdoor, rough-terrain application? Will you use the item only indoors? How smooth is the surface? We recommend viewing our range of castor wheels to determine which ones will work best for the particular operational environment. Iron castor wheels can withstand extreme heat and are hard. As such, these are well-suited for industrial applications. Flanged ones are made to operate on steel tracks. Forged steel types are for floors where protection of the surface is not essential. These wheels are extremely strong and work well for heavy-duty applications. Glass-filled nylon types are perfect for high-temperature environments where you don’t want the floor surfaces to be scratched or marked.

The hard rubber types don’t leave marks on floors, can bear more weight than the softer types, and are resistant to many types of chemicals. The phenolic types are widely used for most commercial push-and-pull purposes. The wheels are hard, making movement easier. At the same time, the hardness helps with its resistance to oil and various types of chemicals. These types can also withstand high temperatures and have superb weight carrying capacities. The phenolic high-temperature types are even more durable and can handle shock loads while also being non-marking, as well as non-conductive. These characteristics make them well-suited for use with baking ovens in bakeries.

We offer many other types of castor wheels in a broad range of sizes to meet your application and load-bearing requirements. View our products and get in touch for quotes or more information on specific products.