Castors and Wheels

What You Need to Know About Castors and Wheels

When it comes to keeping trolleys and office chairs on the move, we rely on castors and wheels to grant them mobility and deliver useful functionality for everyday implementation within our work environments. With the intension to handle various load ratings, castors and wheels are designed to handle large amounts of weight pushing down on them, using specified materials for optimised results.

These materials should have low friction ratings to ensure that the wheels can effectively turn without any resistance coming from the material itself, but also deliver stability when stationary, and this is where certain types of castors offer braking and locking capabilities to optimise stationary functionality as well.

CasLad is a manufacturer of castors and wheels for a variety of uses within the commercial and industrial sectors of South Africa, with a wide variety of accommodating products to choose from as well. Our range of wheels and castors covers a large spectrum of different designs, materials being implemented to manufacture these products, and different setups to ensure that you can find the ideal castors and wheels to suit your needs and preferences.

Today, we will discuss our castor and wheel ranges respectively, giving you a comprehensive idea of what to expect when choosing CasLad as your supplier for these specific products.


Our Selection of Castors and Wheels

Castors offer safe and stable wheel housings for trolleys, office chairs, and other products that need mobile functionality. One of the biggest requirements is to provide a proper wheel housing that can function as intended, whether it is a fixed, swivel, or brake setup, which optimises functionality and overall stability. Our range of castors offer all of these options, and deliver solutions for a spectrum of requirements in the industry, with our PU series serving as a prime example.

The PU series offers a cast iron centre castor that implements polyurethane tyres for grip and mobility, and ball bearings to reduce friction and provide optimal mobility while on the move. This series is available in three different sizes and three different setups to ensure that it can be implemented in specified methods to accommodate almost any requirement.

These setups include a brake, swivel, and fixed setup, starting with the smallest model in the range, which is the 80 mm wheel diameter castor. This castor has an overall height of 108 mm to safely house the 80 mm polyurethane wheel, and has a plate size of 104 x 80 mm that provides a solid connecting plate to a trolley.

With a 8 mm bolt size and bolt spacing of 76 x 56 mm, this castor will not disappoint. The total load capacity of the 80 mm castor is 125 kg, with an increase to 180 kg for the 100 mm model, and a 200 kg load capacity for the 125 mm model. When it comes to our selection of wheels, we offer a wide range of specified material models, including polyurethane, rubber, and cast-iron models.

Today, we will also be looking at our range of nylon wheels, with our WNY range being the focus. This range offers quality, virgin nylon wheels that are lightweight and strong enough to handle the load, with high corrosion resistance to make them durable, and low rolling resistance to make them functional. Starting with the WNY20, we offer a nylon wheel that has a 50 mm diameter, with a 17 mm tread, and a 26 mm overall hub width to ensure sideways stability, and keep these wheels going straight, even on a swivel.

The WNY20 has plain bearings, and a total load capacity of 50 kg for light-duty implementation. The range scales through eight specified sizes, with the WNY8 being the largest in the series. This nylon wheel has a 200 mm diameter, with a proper 45 mm of tread and a 60 mm overall hub width for incredible stability. Taking advantage of ball bearings to ensure smooth transition between moving and stopping while optimising mobility in the process as well, the WNY8 delivers an excellent example of high-quality wheel fabrication, with a maximum load capacity of 500 kg to serve as a testament to the overall strength and stability of these wheels.

CasLad offers a wide selection of products for the commercial and industrial sectors in South Africa, including our comprehensive selection of castors and wheels for sale. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose CasLad today, and take advantage of our selection of products for your business.