Decking the halls

Kitted with quality swivel rubber castors and an electroplated finish, CASLAD’s parcel trolley offers superior maneuverability for many years to come. Complete with a load capacity of 300 Kgs and the option to add a lid 👉  


Heavy Duty Hero

Do you stock or manage heavy goods? Caslad’s Rocker Trolley is equipped to handle a load capacity of up to 700 KGs and has a fully welded frame for maximum strength and longevity. It’s robust design and large centre wheels make it manoeuvrable and an ideal general purpose warehouse trolley. Explore it online 



Rolling into Peak Season

Featuring a sturdy steel design, customisable handles and an electroplated finish; CASLAD’s  shopping trolleys are designed with durability in mind. Browse the range 👉



From Burden to Breeze


Streamline your materials handling with the Caslad’s Sack Trolley; ideal for transporting heavy sacks and bags from A to B. Designed for a load capacity of up to 200 KGs while supporting the shape, size and weight of the load, with little to no stress on the user. See the specs 





CASLAD’s extensive range of trolleys are built with agility and durability at the forefront. Suitable for a variety of industries and applications, we also offer the option to customize to spec. Browse the range



Stock Picking Trolley

Efficiently pick and organise your stock with CASLAD’s Stock Picking Step Trolley 🪜 Built with 3 tiers and 4 steps, this trolley will increase your reach while gliding between shelves. Complete with a galvanised finish for added durability in even the toughest warehouse environments 💪See it here




Customer Review

Thanks Barbra for the great review on Takealot! 💪Get in touch with us for all your warehouse or retail equipment needs.


Rocker Mammoth Trolley


CASLAD’s Rocker Mammoth Trolley’s robust design and added center wheels make it an ideal heavy-duty, general purpose warehouse trolley. Designed with a steel deck, galvanized finish and a load capacity of 700 KGs, there’s a reason we call this the Mammoth 🙌 See the specs 



CASLAD’s Folding Nose Trolley features a tubular construction and a load capacity of 180 – 225 KGs depending on your size and wheel requirements. Highly regarded for its carrying capacity & storage convenience, this one’s a staple in your storeroom or warehouse floor. Shop it here

Platform Trolley with Folding Handle



Featuring a non-slip rubber deck and durable powder coated finish, CASLAD’s Platform Trolley with Folding Handle is an easy-to-store solution when you’re limited for space 📦 Complete with rear swivel wheels and available in two sizes  👉 see the specs