Choose the Right Castor Wheels for Any Application

CastorsIf you don’t think that you know what a castor wheel is, think again. You have probably encountered it many times in your life – you just don’t know it. You will have seen these wheels on shopping trolleys, office chairs, desk furniture, and various other industrial applications. Castor wheels are common components of a multitude of mobile units and items. The castor is an invention that changed the way things are done. Castors positively affect so many industries. If you think about it, they have changed the way items are moved, shipped, transported, and even how people interact with various machines and appliances. Each castor has a wheel attached that allows the unit it is carrying to rotate effectively, thanks to the castor mechanism.

Why are castor wheels used on so many applications? Castor wheels can turn without having to change the actual direction of the unit being pushed. This makes them versatile. When an object with castor wheels is pushed forward, the wheel is able to rotate parallel to the direction of the movement. Smooth and easy moving and turning is made possible as a result.

The design of castor wheels is somewhat robust which, means that they can be used in many industries and with many applications. Their design allows them to provide the best possible support without nagging or time-consuming resistance. This means improved productivity for many work environments.


Choose the Right Castors for the Job/Application

Whatever the unit is attached to will greatly affect the type of castor wheel that you eventually choose. Using the wrong castor can lead to the damage of the unit, as well as stock items, and should therefore be carefully considered. There are three main types to consider, and these include the following:

  • Single wheels
  • Dual wheels
  • Ball wheels

All castor wheels have weight capacity limitations. It’s never a good idea to overload castor wheels, as this can result in damage to the castor wheel and, of course, the items being moved. If you are only working with lightweight equipment, using a single-wheeled castor is a good idea. These castor wheels usually have rubber wheels. Heavy loads should be carried by steel castor wheels or dual wheels.


CasLad’s Range of Castor Wheels

CasLad is not the only place you can find castor wheels, but we are certainly considered one of the best. As leading suppliers of top-quality castor wheels in South Africa, we present our clients with an extensive catalogue of units to choose from. We offer the following castor wheels for you to choose from:

  • SER Series: It has a load capacity of 90 kg to 250 kg, rubber tyres with a polypropylene centre wheel, and roller bearings. These castor wheels are a power component for all applications.
  • NY Series: It has a load capacityof 90 kg to 140 kg, with plain nylon wheels and no bearings.
  • UAR Series:It has a 100 kg to 160 kg load capacity, with polyurethane tyres and nylon centre, as well as double-ball bearing.

At CasLad, we pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture castor wheels that are suited to the needs of a broad market. With our bulk buying power, we are able to ensure that our clients get the lowest possible rates, each and every time. Competitively low prices are expected from CasLad, each and every time. With our help, you can gain access to the lowest priced, yet best-quality castor wheels on the market.

We are always willing and able to provide product-related information and advice, and we welcome you to get in touch with us at any time. Simply send us an email or give us a call.