Conveyor Rollers

Industrial Conveyor Solutions

The convenience of conveyor rollers in an assembly plant or manufacturing facility cannot be overstated. They are also used in packing facilities, which is probably their most effective application. In an assembly line, the basic components for assembling a machine are the starting point. From there, the items are transported to the next point on the line, where either more parts are fitted or the previous station’s work is checked for quality. This process continues until it reaches the end of the line.

To avoid the time-consuming packing and unpacking of these products going through the assembly process, conveyor rollers are used to transport them to the various checkpoints. This type of setup can be built in customised paths to optimise the available floor space in such a facility. They can also incorporate various angled bends to add more flexibility and versatility. At CasLad, we manufacture and supply a variety of useful equipment for both industrial and commercial uses. Today, we will focus on our selection of gravity conveyor rollers that we can supply for your business.


A Customised Gravity Conveyor Roller System

One of the most challenging aspects of designing and building a system of gravity conveyor rollers is that it is a design in three dimensions because such a system incorporates height and angle vectors, using gravity to transport products down a slope, as opposed to using electrical assistance. Therefore, you need fully customisable rails and frames to ensure that your system performs optimally. The rollers must also be of the correct diameters to ensure that the products are transported at the right speed and with sufficient ease. By increasing the diameter, the precision and contact patch of the bite points are reduced, but the effort of moving the load is reduced. The opposite also applies.

We offer conveyor rollers to suit the system that is either already in use or being planned for your facility. These rollers are available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty variants to suit the products being transported. They are also spring-loaded to ease the process of assembling and installing them into the frames and rails. Standard widths include 300, 450, and 600 mm, while standard diameters include 38, 50, 63, and 76 mm. Custom widths can be manufactured and supplied upon request.

Our gravity roller conveyors form the framework for such a system. These modular systems are versatile and can be adapted to the needs of your facility. Standard sections are 3 m in length but we can also supply custom lengths on request. We also offer 45- and 90-degree bends to accommodate systems that have to curve around machinery on the shop floor. Adjustable legs and pitches allow our customers to take full advantage of the versatility these systems, optimising them for daily use in various facilities.

CasLad is your first choice regarding castor wheels, ladders, and other useful industrial and commercial products for your business. For more information on how we can boost your efficiency with gravity roller conveyor systems, please browse our website for details and specifications. Choose us as your supplier of quality equipment today and take your business to a new level of productivity.