Conveyor Systems

Industrial Conveyor Solutions

Packaging can be a nightmare without the right equipment to help process and move along goods. Fulfilment centres in charge of courier packages need reliable conveyor equipment to handle many packages that need processing and scanning before being loaded and delivered. Warehouses can benefit from a gravity conveyor system, giving a storage facility the means to efficiently sort and scan incoming and outgoing materials and products. When it comes to custom-built gravity conveyor systems, CasLad can be of assistance.

Most modern technologies require electricity, so a gravity conveyor system may not seem to be an immediately obvious choice compared to electrically driven conveyors. However, gravity is completely free, which results in cost-effective and continued operation of such a conveyor system, even in the face of load shedding. No matter where your business installs such a system, it will be reliable, independent, and always operational. Today, we will delve into details on how CasLad can provide custom conveyor solutions for your work environment.


Relying on Gravity

The force of gravity is constant and can always be relied upon. It can be harnessed to act as the necessary motive power to keep your gravity conveyor system going. Our gravity roller conveyors are designed with a modular approach to building conveyor systems. This allows your business to set them up to precisely suit the work environment and meet all your requirements to optimise work output. With gravity doing the lion’s share of the job and humans simply pushing along the goods, such a system is ideal for almost any application.

Standard sections are available in 3-m lengths, with custom lengths available on request. CasLad also offers 45- and 90-degree sections to allow for even more possible setups. Standard section widths include 300-, 450-, and 600-mm options, with custom widths also available upon request. Each section has its own adjustable legs to ensure that its angle and slant can be fine-tuned for the specific conveyor system in which it is used. Each section uses rollers to allow for the easy and effortless transportation of goods. These rollers can also be adjusted to different pitches to further tailor the system to specific needs and allow for even more possibilities.


The Advantage of Modularisation

Not all modular systems are created equal and some can be far less flexible and adaptable than anticipated, offering little of their makers’ purported benefits to the consumer. The buyer ends up gaining little if any advantage in terms of productivity. With CasLad’s modular gravity roller conveyor system, you are in complete control of the final result. Once the system is installed, it is extremely customisable. Everything can be adjusted and changed until it runs smoothly and meets your preferences. You can even order the sections in custom lengths and widths to suit your intended work environment.

To cherry on the cake is that this conveyor system simply works and does not require any electricity or fuel to do so. With rollers and sloped sections, a simple push will allow packages and to smoothly glide on the conveyor system to their next station along the way. Even load shedding cannot slow down your modular conveyor system. The independent nature and unfailing reliability of a modular gravity system mean it is ready to work when you are. Because all its features are customisable, it gives you the means to optimise every detail of your conveyor system to maximise productivity.

We offer a wide selection of industrial and commercial equipment for your business. For more information on our modular gravity roller conveyor systems, feel free to browse our website for details. Choose CasLAd today and let us provide your business with the necessary equipment to excel.