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Imagine a busy manufacturing or processing environment, where each and every item has to be manually carried from one work station or processing area to the next. Imagine the sheer physical strain involved and the amount of time simple tasks would take to complete. Each individual might only be able to handle a few hundred packages each day. With the right conveyor systems, these tasks can be sped up exponentially. In fact, with automation, businesses are able to process or move thousands of products each day. Automation has done a lot for industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing environments. Tasks that would otherwise take hours and hours to complete, now take just a few minutes. This not only means less effort for workers, but it could also mean significantly increased productivity and much higher profits for the business overall. Investing in the right conveyor systems could do great things for your business’ bottom line.

Traditional conveyor systems include an electric motor that moves a solid conveyor strap or belt that is typically made out of rubber. These systems require electricity to work and the belt can sustain damage over time. While this is indeed a typical conveyor system, it is not the only one available. There are other types of conveyor systems available on the market. The gravity roller conveyor systems are just as effective as the electric types. They are often preferred as they are able to function without the need for electricity. These systems are set up in a such a way that gravity helps to move items along the system easily. You might have seen these gravity conveyor systems at airport security check points.

What is great about gravity roller conveyor systems is that they can be configured in awkward shapes or angles, where space is limited. The rollers can each be replaced separately if there is damage. There is no need to replace the entire belt as in the case of traditional conveyor belt systems. The entire unit can be extended or added to over time. The full system can be a gravity roller system, or you can use gravity roller sections in between other conveyor system points. The versatility that a gravity roller conveyor system brings to the workplace simply cannot be overlooked.


Quality Conveyor Systems for Sale at Caslad

If you are looking to implement gravity roller conveyor systems in your business, Caslad has a range that will interest you. We can assist you with setting up the entire system, and believe that we have the most competitive prices on the market. Our modular conveyor systems are available in standard sections, which are 3 m long each. However, we can supply custom lengths on request. The systems are also available in standard widths of 300 mm, 450 mm, and 600 mm, but for clients who have specific width requirements that differ to these, we can provide custom width sizes on request. We can also provide angles of 45 – and 90 degrees, depending on your needs. Of course, we do not expect you to do it all yourself. One of our friendly consultants can help you plan the system so that the correct units, pieces, and components can be supplied the first time around.

All of our gravity roller conveyor systems have adjustable legs, so that you can customise the system according to your needs. The rollers provide added versatility as they can each be set at different pitches in order to suit your specific application.

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