Conveyor Systems

What you Need to Know About Roller Conveyor Systems

Working in an industry that handles products and processing means that you need access to equipment that can speed up and streamline tasks within the operation or factory. After all, speed and accuracy are key elements of a highly productive and profitable enterprise. When it comes to material handling, conveyor systems are often a vital requirement. Not only do they streamline tasks on production lines, but they also ensure that productivity is kept high and that packaging and processing tasks are less of a chore for your workforce. Your factory can benefit from easier and speedier processing just by investing in the right conveyor. Roller conveyors are a system that have been used for a number of years and for most businesses, they are highly effective for handling and transporting goods that are considered to fall in the “light” weight category.

The roller conveyor is made up of small metal roller tubes arranged and rotating next to each other. The system can easily transfer goods from A to B around gentle bends and up inclines. Using these conveyor systems comes with a variety of advantages. First and foremost, little to no power is required for these conveyors. Most use gravity and the helping hand of operators to perform at their peak. Backing up of products is very rare and you can expect efficiency and speed, every time. You will find that, if you compare roller conveyors with wheel conveyors, the roller version is more rugged and durable. It is a firm favourite for operations that deal with impact loading. The units are typically flexible, can handle a wide variety of products and is suitable and particularly effective for side loading.


While most of these roller conveyors work using gravity, there are those that can also be powered and these are called “live roller conveyors”. They are ideal for longer distances and horizontal transfer of goods. They are also particularly suited to production lines where side unloading is needed and they ensure a limited accumulation of goods at the end of the line. You can easily incorporate these systems into regular powered conveyor belt systems for greater processing and packaging control.


While many industries already make use of roller conveyor systems, we most often see them used in baggage control areas (you might have seen these at the airport security checkpoints), as well as in the food industry for dairy and meat, the pharmaceutical industry, and even the oil industry. Packaging companies also use such conveyors for moving goods along to be boxed, wrapped, labelled, and distributed. Anything that is packaged in boxes, totes, barrels, and pallets can easily be transported on roller conveyors.


At Caslad we understand that you need a durable, reliable, and long-life conveyor for your business. We currently offer the market complete roller conveyor systems in 3-metre lengths, although we are able to manufacture and supply any lengths and diameters as required. In addition to the complete and custom-designed systems, we also offer replacement components that make repairs and maintenance tasks fairly simple. These include the actual rollers, which are available in heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty grades. Much like the systems, we can provide standard sizes, or we can custom design and manufacture rollers at lengths and diameters specified by the client. Another product or component that we stock is the ball transfer unit. These components are used to ensure that the rollers can move or spin in any direction as required. It is important for your rollers to rotate back and forth quickly and easily and that is what these units help to achieve. We offer ball transfer units in various fittings, including threaded, flange, and countersunk.


The team at Caslad can introduce you to a range of standard size conveyor systems that will work for most industries. However, if you wish to have a conveyor system designed and installed to meet the specific needs of your business and operation, simply chat to one of our consultants about having one custom designed and supplied according to your specifications.


For more information and advice on getting the right conveyor systems for your business, contact us. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to assisting you further.