Ensure Employee Safety with Superior-Quality Caslad Extension Ladders

One of the most frustrating things when needing to work at heights, is not having the right tools and equipment to do so. Working at any height comes with a plethora of risks for the worker. Without the correct precautions and know-how, a simple task can result in serious injury or even death. In fact, if you look at the stats, you will be quite shocked at just how many lives are lost each year through incorrect ladder use or falling from ladders. If you have been one of those people who overlooked ladder safety in the workplace, now is the time to change that. If you are lucky enough to have been incident-free up until now, then it is highly recommended that you learn more about ladder use and safety as soon as possible. While using a standard ladder can be dangerous, consider just how dangerous extension ladders can be!

Unfortunately, not all ladders are able to provide the type of reach that workers need. This is specifically the case for warehouses, storerooms, construction – and maintenance sites. Even electricians and telephone technicians are faced with working at extreme heights, which can only be done with safe and secure ladder extensions, as well as safety accessories.

When shopping for extension ladders, it is important to take the task at hand into consideration. All ladders have a maximum weight capacity (or load-bearing capacity), so think about the general weight of the workers, as well as the equipment and tools that they will be carrying up and down with them. Ignoring the load-bearing capacity of a ladder can put the lives of your workers at risk and also pose certain hazards for others working below. The equipment, tools, and property can also be damaged. should an accident happen when overloading the ladder.

The load bearing capacity of your extension ladder is not the only thing that you need to be wary of. The material of the ladder is also vitally important. For instance, choosing the incorrect ladder for an electrical technician to use can result in electrocution. Only specific ladders are suited for use in the electrical field. The same goes for ladders used in high-temperature environments or environments where chemical exposure is possible. Suddenly, choosing the right extension ladders for the application or industry becomes a bit more complicated!

At Caslad, we have a range of extension ladders for sale at competitive rates. They are well-suited to a variety of industries and work environments. These ladders are available in aluminium and fibreglass (a good choice for electricians.) Each is designed to offer exceptional durability and strength. Below is a closer look at each of the extension ladder ranges that we stock:


  • Aluminium Commercial Extension Ladder Range

This extension ladder is suited for use in industrial environments. The ladder can hold up to 115 kg. To avoid twisting of the rungs, which can be very dangerous, the rungs are designed with D-style fittings. The rubber non-slip feet ensure that the ladder does not easily “lose its footing”. We have 7 size options to choose from.


  • Aluminium Heavy-Duty Extension Ladder Range

For the heavy duty industrial environment, this is a great choice. The different sections are extremely durable, and the rope and pulley mechanism make for easy handling. The ladder also features box rungs and rubber non-slip surfaces for added safety. The maximum load-bearing capacity of these extension ladders is 135 kg. This range offers 8 double extension ladders and 3 triple extension ladders.


  • Fibreglass Commercial Duty Extension Ladder Range

These extension ladders are considered “medium duty”. The push-up extension, box rungs, and non-slip rubber feet ensure safe ladder use. The ladder is non-conductive for electrical applications and the total load-bearing capacity is 115 kg.


  • Fibreglass Heavy Duty Extension Ladder Range

These extension ladders are ideal for use in heavy-duty environments where electrical applications are worked with. These ladders are non-conductive, have D-shaped aluminium rungs, and have a load-bearing capacity of 135 kg. In this range, a few of the models are fitted with swivel safety feet, v-rollers, and safety chains.


Find Quality Extension Ladders in the Caslad Catalogue

Why buy inferior quality extension ladders that do not last and cost more money to maintain, repair, and replace? Choose from the Caslad range and have confidence that your ladders are safe and designed to last.

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