Extendable Ladders for Sale

Quality Extendable Ladders for Sale for Your Home or Business

Ladders are useful tools in many situations. They provide a mountable frame that allows you to reach areas at height or down below. They are available in different frame designs as well, the most basic being the single frame. This type has the standard vertical pegs that are connected with horizontal footsteps to allow for mounting. From the single frame, various other frames have been developed for different purposes. The A-frame is a stand-alone version of the single frame that doesn’t require any support. The extendable frame increases the length of the frame for further reach, while providing a compact solution for transport. We offer all these designs for sale to our customers.

We use high-quality materials to manufacture our ladders. Aluminium is a versatile and strong metal; being malleable, this metal can be moulded into just about anything. Therefore, it is used for the manufacture of many products. Fibreglass is a non-metallic compound that also happens to be both light and strong. The introduction of fibreglass manufacturing created new possibilities for engineers by replacing steel and other heavier metals with this lightweight and durable compound. The selection of A-frame, single, and extendable ladders that we offer for sale are manufactured using either of these two materials. Therefore, our products are strong, durable, and trustworthy – ideal for home or business use.


Our Selection of Extendable Ladders

Extendable LaddersAn extendable ladder is useful for heavy-duty applications where you need more reach to get the job done. We offer different ranges for sale to ensure that you have a wide selection in terms of the size and the material of the frame. Aluminium frames offer more rigidity; however, if you work with live wires and electricity, a fibreglass frame is more suited to your needs because fibreglass does not conduct electricity. Being part of our commercial-duty selection, the LFG-PU range features a medium-duty fibreglass frame that has push-up extendable functionality. It has a safe workload capacity of 115 kg, which is ideal for a single person and their toolbox.

The rungs are very important on these extendable frames, as they keep the frame from twisting while it is extended to maximum length. The LFG-PU range features box rungs and rubber non-slip feet to ensure that the frame stays steady and stable while mounted. This range is available in five lengths. If you want a compact and easy-to-use aluminium ladder instead, the CSE range is your answer. This industrial-duty combination step and extendable frame makes use of two single frames for easy and efficient extension. It features a D-style rung design with rubber foot pegs to keep the frame from twisting or slipping while mounted. We offer three lengths for sale in this range. The CE range is also an option, delivering more length options for those who want a commercial-duty aluminium frame.

Moving to the heavy-duty selection, the FG range is a heavy-duty fibreglass extension ladder available in no fewer than seven lengths. This range also features D-shaped aluminium rungs to keep the frame in check while mounted. It has a safe workload capacity of 135 kg. Some models in this range are also available with swivelling safety feet, a V-roller, and a safety chain. The HDE range is an aluminium counterpart to the FG range. This range features a rope and pulley to extend its reach. They are for sale in double- and triple-extension frames.

CasLad is your first choice when it comes to single-, A-frame, and extendable ladders for sale at competitive prices. For more on our wide selection of frames, please peruse our website for details and specifications. Get the right frame for your home or business today and be safe when working at height.