Extension Ladders

Safely Using Extension Ladders in Your Industry

There are various industries for which ladders are an indispensable part of their equipment. If you need to complete tasks at heights, you suddenly become very aware of the value of having the right ladder available. Caslad works hard to help our customers find just the right ladder, or a varied range of ladders, to suit their needs. Our objective is to get you to the right height and back down again, safely and securely.


Today we are going to focus on extension ladders. Extension ladders differ from other types of ladders, because they are non-self-supporting and their length can be adjusted. Most extension ladders consist of two or three telescopic sections that are adjusted by moving them up and down by means of guides and brackets. These ladders are designed to be used by one individual at a time. We stock a wide selection of extension ladders of the highest quality and we are always advising our clients to make proper and safe use of their ladders a top priority. On this subject, we would like to provide some additional information on how to select the right ladder and make correct and safe use of it.


Choosing the Right Unit and Making Proper Use of Extension Ladders

In order to select the right extension ladder, you will need to know the height of the support point you are working with. If the supporting surface is not a solid surface, the ladder must extend some distance above the point of contact. It is also important that you tie the ladder to the top access level before the ladder is used. Great care must also be taken to ensure that the base of the ladder is secure before the ladder is used. A good-quality extension ladder must be fitted with non-slip feet or grips. When using the ladder, you must ensure that there are two level ground support points and one stable top support point.


The fly sections of the ladder, which are the telescopic sections, are held in place by rung locks, which are simple locking devices. There are various designs of rung locks on the market, including spring-action, rope-operated, stationary, and gravity types. When making use of an extension ladder that has been modified to a single ladder, precautions must be taken to ensure that the interlocking guides and brackets are properly secured. When buying extension ladders with rope-and-pulley system designs, make sure that the rope meets industry standards in terms of breaking strength.


When adjusting extension ladders, it is best to stand at the base of the unit to ensure that each rung lock is properly engaged, and to make sure that the rope is moving correctly in the pulley section. It is very dangerous to attempt to adjust the extension of the ladder while someone is standing on it. When purchasing an extension ladder, you should thoroughly check it to ensure that it is in good and safe condition. After each use, clean the unit and ensure that all gripping areas are free of oil, grease, or any other slippery substance. Check to see that all bolts, rivets, rail connections, and components are present and in good order.


We have a range of fibreglass, industrial-grade extension ladders that we are most proud of. This range is ideal for all working environments and because these ladders are non-conductive, they are ideal for use in electrical applications. These units feature a modern design that includes swivel safety feet, V-roller, and safety chain. The ladders can handle around 135 kg of weight with ease. We offer a variety of sizes including units that extend from 3 m to 6 m, 3,3 m to 6,6 m, 3,6 m to 7,2 m, 4,2 m to 8,4 m, 4,8 m to 9,6 m, 5,4 m to 10,8 m and 6 m to 12 m. Of course, you will find various other types of ladders in our catalogue over and above our extension ladders and these include A-frame ladders, double-sided ladders, commercial extension ladders, industrial single ladders, commercial multi-form ladders, and various others.


We welcome all those seeking reliable, top-grade extension ladders to get in touch with us at Caslad today. Send us an email or give us a call and we will assist you further with product information, guidance, and advice.