Extension Ladders

Make Life Easier with Extension Ladders

Many people use ladders in their professions. Businesses, such as large commercial retailers, use ladders to organise shelves and reach high places. Other businesses, such as plumbing and utility maintenance companies, use ladders to reach down below. Therefore, ladders are functional and useful for a wide array of applications. These tools must be fabricated from a strong material to handle load bearings. Most ladders can easily handle the weight of a single person. Others are geared for holding two people simultaneously.

The industrial and commercial markets differ in tool requirements. Industrial tools tend to be more rugged and robust in comparison to commercial equivalents. With ladders, a similar situation appears. Most commercial versions are incomparable to their industrial equivalents regarding load bearings and overall strength. This is because of the material used to fabricate these ladders. Industrial ladders use stronger materials, while commercial versions focus on workability and ease of access. Extension ladders also add another dynamic. These ladders can extend in size to grant further reach.

CasLad offers simple solutions regarding commercial and industrial ladders. We use fibreglass and aluminium to manufacture our extension ladders. Both these materials are proven in durability and strength. As a result, our ladders will not let you down. Extension ladders are very workable within commercial and industrial applications. They are compact enough to transport, and long enough, when extended, to reach where you need to be. The biggest problem with using a ladder is the possible instability. The longer the ladder, the more unstable it can become when the frame begins to twist. Luckily, our ranges are uniquely built to suit specific needs. We also focus on keeping these ladders stable in design.


CasLad’s Extension Ladder Ranges

Aluminium is a lightweight metal that offers optimal durability. It is versatile, and can be shaped into almost anything. Thus, aluminium is used in the world’s most famous machines. These include anything from the latest mobile device, to the fastest supercar in the world. As it is a metal, it provides solid integrity to structures, such as the frame of an extension ladder. This brings us to our first range of aluminium extension ladders. The CE range offers an aluminium extension ladder that is easy to handle. This range is versatile and ideal for both industrial and commercial applications.

The CE range has a safe working load of 115 kg. It also features a D-style rung to eliminate the possibility of the frame twisting while mounted. It has rubber, non-slip foot pegs to keep your feet under you while climbing the frame. The CE range is available in seven specific sizes. The CE 420 is the smallest in the range, with a base length of 2,4 m. This ladder can be extended to 4,2 m in total. The sizes scale upwards to the CE 900. This extension ladder has a base length of 4,8 m, and can be extended to 9 m.

The HDE Range features an aluminium heavy-duty extension ladder frame. It incorporates a rope and pulley to achieve extension functionality. Box rungs will optimise stability while mounted on the frame as well. This extension ladder can comfortably hold 135 kg. It also has rubber non-slip foot pegs to ensure maximum grip on each peg. These ladders are available in double- and triple-extension versions, with a total of 11 sizes to choose from. These sizes start at the HDE 900. This ladder is 4,8 m long, and can be extended to 9,1 m. The longest in the range is the HDTE 2010, which can be extended to 20,1 m in total length.

Fibreglass is a material that only recently got the jump to superstardom. Since it is not a metal, fibreglass has been labelled as weak in comparison to aluminium and other lightweight metals. Fibreglass has since been combined with carbon and titanium to form new materials for fabrication. This highlighted the useful and durable qualities of the material. CasLad uses fibreglass to manufacture extension ladders as well. These ladders are ideal for isolation from potential electric currents, making them perfect for specific applications.

CasLad has a wide selection of workable solutions for extension ladders. We also offer other ladder frame types, such as double-sided and A-frame variants. Please peruse our website for more information on these ladders. Whether you need an aluminium or fibreglass frame, we can offer a usable ladder to suit your needs. Choose CasLad, and take advantage of our extensive ladder selection.