Extension Ladders for Sale

When to Look for Extension Ladders for Sale

Ladders can be treacherous when incorrectly utilised, or if you have the wrong one for the job. For instance, if you shop for extension ladders for sale when you actually need an A-frame type, you lose money as there is a core difference between the two styles. The one is self-supporting, and the other needs a solid structure to lean against.

If you know the different units available and their functions, it should be an easy task to purchase the correct equipment, whether it be an extension or an A-frame ladder.


Tips For Choosing the One You Need From the Range

When it comes to extension ladders and other ladders for sale, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider the height to reach as this is important in determining the length requirement.
  • Consider the areas where you will use the equipment. If the intention is to use the equipment to get onto roofs and other high places, browse for extension ladders for sale.
  • Consider the type of work that must be completed to determine which type of ladder to use. For painting, you will want a ladder with a platform if two workers will need to share the space.
  • Review your budget and find a trusted supplier that has quality equipment for sale at affordable prices.


Common Materials

It is imperative to choose a product that has been made with materials suitable for the intended project. If you are going to work with electricity in the area, then you want ladders with aluminium, wood, or fibreglass frames and platforms. If you are working in wet or high humidity circumstances and you are worried about rust, then you might want to consider an aluminium type. It all depends on the application and operations environment.


More About the Extension Ladders for Sale

As the name states, these types can be extended to different lengths, depending on the desired height level and application needs.

It usually features multiple sections with brackets to adjust the height. As mentioned, it requires some type of support structure against which it can lean, thus making it perfect for getting onto a roof. It can also be of assistance at lower levels because you can change the span of it equivalent to the size of one panel. This can also make it easier to transport than conventional units that cannot be retracted.

Some types come with swivel feet and sometimes chains that improve the safety and stability profile of the equipment when extended.


Other Models Available

If you require other types, you will appreciate our comprehensive product range. These include A-frames, single solid, step, and double-sided types.

The A-frame or double-sided type is perfect for middle-of-the-floor operations and applications such as changing light bulbs. A single-sided one can be just as useful as the extension type if you don’t plan on transporting it to various job sites. These types are exceptionally sturdy and can get jobs done at relatively high places, but are not as versatile as the extension ladders we offer for sale.


In Conclusion

Get the work done faster and more efficiently with the right equipment. View our range of extension ladders for sale and get in touch for quotes or help in choosing the best product for your job application needs.