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Ladders come in a variety of different frame designs for different functions and applications around your home and in commercial and industrial businesses. The single-frame is the most basic and elementary type of frame that requires a vertical surface or structure to lean against. It is very versatile, as the frame is flat and compact. Therefore, it doesn’t take up much room. An A-frame connects two single-frames at the top to create a triangular structure to eliminate the need for a surface to prop it up against. However, if you want to increase the reach of your frame, an extension frame is the way to go.

extension ladderExtension ladders utilise multiple single frames to extend the length of the frame. The frames are attached to each other and can slide past one another to increase the frame’s length for more reach. As a result, such a frame is very compact when retracted, considering the length that it can achieve. We are manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of different frames that we sell at competitive prices. We use aluminium and fibreglass to manufacture our frames, ensuring that their quality and durability will meet your expectations.


A Huge Selection at Great Prices

We offer a selection of extension ladders with different applications to suit your needs. Our LFG-PU range offers a medium-duty fibreglass frame that features push-up extension functionality. Being a fibreglass frame, it does not conduct electricity, making it ideal for electricians, for example. It features box rungs to keep the frame from twisting while mounted. The frame has a safe workload of 115 kg and the non-slip rubber feet keep it steady.

Our FG extension frames are a range of heavy-duty industrial fibreglass ladders. Their prices are also extremely competitive, once you take all their handy features into consideration. The frames in this range offer incredible reach and functionality for industrial purposes. D-shaped aluminium rungs keep the frame straight while mounted and it has a safe workload of up to 135 kg to allow the user to mount it with their tools or equipment. Specific models are available with swivelling safety foot pegs to keep the frame from twisting once propped up. V-rollers and safety chains are also options on some of the models in this range.

Our HDE range takes advantage of the strength and lightness of aluminium. It delivers heavy-duty extension ladders that are ideal for various industrial applications – at surprisingly reasonable prices. It features a rope and pulley to extend its reach. Heavy-duty D-style rungs keep the frame from twisting while mounted. It has a safe workload of 135 kg for more heavy-duty functions. Its rubber non-slip foot pegs keep the frame planted to prevent it from slipping out underneath you while working. It is available in double- and triple-extension frames to cater to your needs.

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