Extension Ladders

Why Extension Ladders Remain Popular in South Africa

Despite the versatility and ingenuity of some of the new ladder technologies available on the market that come with multiple hinges that permit folding into various configurations, many South Africans still prefer investing in quality and reliable extension ladders. A staple among most Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts and professionals alike, extension ladders still outperform many of their competitors in a variety of uses and applications.

Many of the most popular types of extension ladders are manufactured using wood or aluminium. Each type offers its own advantages. One of the aspects that greatly boosts wooden extension ladders’ appeal is the fact that they are safer to use around wiring and when using electrical tools while standing on the ladder, since they can’t conduct electricity.

Wooden ladders are also less likely to mar the surfaces that they lean against, and are also generally more affordable than comparable aluminium ladders. However, aluminium extension ladders are lighter, and thus easier to handle than their timber counterparts. The issue of aluminium ladders possibly marring the surfaces that they rest against is easily dealt with. You can easily attach a protective rubber tip to the ends of the ladder, which will eliminate any possibility of it leaving a mark on the wall.


Different Grades of Extension Ladders

Extension ladders are made in several grades. These grades have different names throughout the industry, but they are generally referred to as:

  • Light duty (also referred to as household or type III)
  • Medium duty (commercial or type II)
  • Heavy duty (industrial or type I)
  • Extra-heavy duty.

In each instance, the grade refers to the safe working load that the ladder is able to support. Medium-duty extension ladders are a great choice for any DIY work. However, homeowners who weigh above the safe working load should opt for a higher rated ladder. There are also many variable lengths for extension ladders, depending on the user’s needs. Keep in mind that the longer the ladder, the more it will cost, and the more difficult it becomes to handle.


Operating Extension Ladders Safely

There are many tips and recommendations out there on how to operate extension ladders safely. In general, there are two common mistakes most DIY enthusiasts commit when using an extension ladder. When avoided, this already greatly boosts the safety of the user. The first mistake is when users place the base of the ladder too close to the supporting structure, and the other mistake is failing to support the base, so that the ladder is solidly in a vertical position.

The general rule of thumb is that the ladder’s base should be positioned away from the supporting structure, at a point that is equal to a quarter of the ladder’s length. This is just one of the many tips out there on how to safely use extension ladders, and to ensure that you get the most out of your ladder investment.


Quality Extension Ladders from CasLad

At CasLad, we have developed a quality range of extension ladders that lead the way forward in innovation. We are proud of our many years of excellent service in the industry, and bring expertise and insight to our sector. Throughout the years, we have designed and manufactured industry celebrated extension ladders fit for both the DIY market, as well as the professional trade.

Our DMS range of aluminium commercial extension ladders provide safe working loads of up to 115kg on this industrial-duty ladder. The D-style rung also serves to effectively eliminate twisting, and is easy to handle with rubber non-slip feet. The DMA range of aluminium heavy-duty extension ladders comes with heavy-duty sections, a rope and pulley, as well as box rungs. It provides a safe working load of up to 135kg, along with non-slip rubber feet. These are but a few of the many types of extension ladders available from our catalogue of products.

CasLad has a reputation for only using the very finest quality raw materials in the manufacturing of all our products. We have helped many businesses and individuals throughout South Africa find the best quality ladders for their needs. If you would like to learn more about our company, and for access to excellent quality ladders, scaffolding and trolleys, speak to any of our seasoned sales professionals today.