Fibreglass Ladders

Fibreglass is a compound of fibre-reinforced plastic that uses glass fibre strains to not only reinforce the structural integrity, but also grant flexibility and durability without having to compromise on overall strength. Fibreglass only grew in popularity over the past two decades, with the compound still being refined to a perfect state before then.

The first  notable integration of fibreglass compound fabrication came from the world of motorsport, where Formula 1 teams used the compound to create body panels that would not only benefit from the flexible nature of the compound, but also increase overall safety for the drivers.

It was only a matter of time before automotive manufacturers would implement this effective compound for body panel fabrication purposes, with almost every single performance car and motorcycle having fibreglass bodies in the modern market. Along with the implementation of aluminium, we have found viable ways to manufacture and fabricate strong and durable products, such as ladders, and this is where CasLad comes into the picture.

Our comprehensive range of ladders includes fibreglass and aluminium models to choose from, optimising the overall structural integrity of these ladders, along with durability and strength to deliver viable options for the industrial and commercial work environments. Today, we will cover CasLad’s range of fibreglass ladders, and how they can provide useful additions to your set of tools and work equipment.


Our Range of Fibreglass Ladders

CasLad’s range of fibreglass ladders kicks off with the FGS range, which features a fibreglass industrial A-frame ladder that is non-conductive, and ideal for electrical applications because of the fibreglass being used to manufacture this ladder. The foot steps are made from aluminium to provide strength and durability, featuring non-slip rubber surfaces to optimise grip levels, and neutralise any conducting that might occur.

These ladders feature a safe working load of 135 kg, and are available in double-sided models as well to allow two people to be mounted at the same time, or a single person to bring along their toolset. This range of fibreglass ladders includes seven different sizes to choose from, starting with the FGS4 that has an overall length of 1,2 m, and has four steps, as the name suggests. The range scales to the FGS16, which has an overall length of 4,8 m for a viable option for reach.

We also have the FGS-ALL range that replaces the aluminium steps with fibreglass steps to deliver a complete fibreglass frame. It is available in the exact options and sizes as the regular FGS range. Moving on, we have the LFG-PU range, delivering a fibreglass commercial-duty extension ladder with push-up extension functionality.

Since this range also features fibreglass ladders, it is a viable option for non-conductive extension ladders. Box rungs are implemented to ensure the stability of the ladder when mounted, along with rubber non-slip foot pegs to keep your footing while mounted or climbing the frame. These fibreglass ladders feature a safe working load of 115 kg, making them ideal for a single person and some commercial products to safely mount the frame.

The LFG-PU range is available in five different sizes, starting with the LFG 540 that has a base length of 3 m and can extend to a maximum length of 5,4 m, as the name implies. Scaling to the LFG 900, which has a base length of 4,8 m and can extend to a total of 9 m, the LFG-PU range of fibreglass extension ladders are perfect for electrical implementation, and other commercial uses as well.

For a more heavy-duty approach to fibreglass ladders, our FG extension range delivers a fibreglass heavy-duty extension ladder that features D-shape aluminium rungs to eliminate frame twisting, and optimise stability while mounted. Specified models in this range are available with swivel safety foot pegs, V-rollers, and safety chains. With a safe working load of 135 kg, this fibreglass ladder range provides a viable option for a single person and their toolset to easily mount and climb without having to worry about stability.

This range offers seven different sizes, starting with the FG211-2, which has a base length of 3,3 m and is able to extend to 5,7 m in total. The range scales to the FG223-2, delivering a base length of 6,9 m that is able to extend to an incredible 12,3 m for a comprehensive and viable option regarding fibreglass extension ladders.

Should you be looking for more information on these incredible fibreglass ladders, feel free to peruse our website for images and specified details, or contact us directly with further enquiries.