Folding Trolley

Folding Trolleys for Loading and Moving Product Pallets

Many commercial and retail businesses use normal and folding trolleys to move and load their products. Large retailers use them to carry products from the storage area and take them to the shelves where they can be put out on display. They are also commonly used to transport packs of soft drinks that are stacked on each other. Folding trolleys are very easy to use. The platform part – or the nose – can be folded so it can be stored more compactly. Therefore, it is great to load on a delivery truck or keep in the storage area of a retailer. This type of lifting equipment must, of course, be able to carry certain loads; as a result, they are robustly manufactured, typically using tubular steel.

Tubular steel is ideal for manufacturing trolleys. The tubular shape is very strong, as well as being ergonomic to grip for the person handling it. It grants strength and durability to ensure that heavier loads are easy to handle. Tubular steel is much harder to bend under pressure and load in comparison to flat bar or square tubing. The design of these trolleys simplifies the process of loading and unloading stacked products. By pushing it forward when loaded, the rear-mounted wheels allow the operator to tilt the load back slightly, lifting it off the floor. This balances the load on the wheels for easy control and good stability.


Our Selection of Fixed and Folding Trolleys

Since this type of lifting equipment is typically used to transport soft drinks, we offer the Coke trolley. This model is constructed using tubular steel, with a perpendicular handle at the top for easier handling. The rugged and sturdy construction ensures a load capacity of an impressive 225 kg. The wheels’ diameter is 200 mm for smooth handling and minimal rolling resistance. This model is 1200 mm tall, 540 mm wide, and has a nose length of 270 mm. The nose is fixed in place and does not swivel; this is, therefore, not a folding model.

The Brewery trolley is ideal for carrying cases of beer. It features a slightly different design to the Coke model, with a broader and taller tubular-steel construction. This sturdy construction allows it to carry even more – up to 250 kg. It also features a mounted handle for better handling to ensure that you can keep it steady while laden. This model’s wheels are 200 mm in diameter as well and its nose is flat and broad to ensure that there is more than enough space to load beer cases. By dint of its design and purpose, this is not a folding model either.

However, our folding nose trolley is. This versatile model has a few tricks up its sleeve. The tubular-steel frame is wide and can be used for various purposes. It has a maximum load capacity of 180 kg and the nose length is 450 mm to give you a large area for loading. The nose can fold away to ensure that it is compact and easy to store. The wheels are available in different configurations as well – the standard wheels have a large enough diameter to be pulled up stairs. However, we also offer a special stair-climbing configuration that makes particularly light work of a scaling a flight of stairs. This configuration has a custom layout of multiple wheels to latch onto the edges of the stairs.

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