Streamline Functions in Your Work Environment with a Good-Quality Pallet Truck

The history of the pallet truck dates back to 1887, where the first of its kind was designed to merely lift pallets a short distance off the ground while it remained stationary. They simply do not compare to the pallet trucks of today, which can do so much more. In modern times, pallet trucks are far more versatile, which is why they are a vital item of equipment in the material moving and handling industry. With the right pallet truck, workers can move both big and small items from one area to another with relative ease. The trucks can also be used to stack goods on top of each other. When working with big or heavy objects, these trucks can provide a great deal of convenience to the workplace.

The pallet truck can be found used in various working environments, such as manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, factories, retail stores, and merchandise plants. There are three main types or categories of pallet trucks on the market as follows:

  • Manually operated pump jacks – these are very basic types of pallet trucks and must be operated manually with a steering control feature and an operator. These are typically ideal for warehouse environments, where the pallets being worked with are stored on ground level.
  • Electric pallet jacks – these pallet trucks are only to be used by trained operators. They offer more features and are ideally suited to big warehouses, where pallets must be stacked and reached from heights, and where heavy loads and large quantities are worked with.
  • High-lift pallet trucks – these are specifically designed to work in environments where packing and assembly are the main functions of the business. They are designed to lift and retrieve pallets from heights, while reducing the risk of injury, and potential damage to equipment, stock, and pallets.

If you are moving small quantities of pallets over a short distance, a manual pallet truck will be suitable. These work particularly well in workshops and small warehouses or manufacturing companies.

In large and busy facilities, a fleet of pallet trucks might be required. It’s important to select handling equipment that has the correct capacity for the type of lifting at hand. Pallet trucks can generally handle loads from around 500 kg up to 2 000 kg.

A hand-operated pallet truck is fairly simple to use and is safe too. It can be handled by general workers and doesn’t require much training.

At CasLad, we stock a range of pallet trucks for you to choose from. Our Hydraulic Pallet Truck has a load capacity of 2 500 kg. It has a reliable pump, robust construction, and can safely lift a load up to 200 mm. Our High Lift Pallet Truck is another great option. The unit consists of a combination of a lift table and pallet truck. It offers a load capacity of 1 000 kg and can lift a load up to 800 mm. For extra stability when lifting a load, the unit has lateral stabilisers. Our Manual Hydraulic Stacker is also a great option for a pallet truck. It is available in three load bearing capacities, including 1 000 kg, 1 500 kg, and 2 000 kg. The unit, which comes with lockable castors, is easily operated with both a hand and foot pump. The fork width is adjustable, and the unit can lift items to a height of 1 600 mm.

When purchasing pallet trucks from CasLad, you are making an investment for the long term. Our product range only features the finest quality units, and we will ensure that you are advised on all of the features, functions, and safe operations of the unit, before you use it. We promote safe use of equipment in the workplace, so we encourage you to take the time to educate your workers on how to make safe use of equipment, even the most simple or basic of equipment.

When it comes to selecting the right pallet truck for your needs, take the time to chat with one of our consultants at CasLad. We will gladly assist you with selecting a pallet truck that has the capacity to cater to your applications and streamline functions in the workplace. For more information and advice regarding our range, contact us via email or telephone today.